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The car in front is a Highway Star

May 29, 2020

Highway Star Nissan estate car.jpg

Our I Spy Car spotter days are behind us here at DTB so it’s taken us a while to catch up with this Nissan, badged the Highway Star.  It was launched back in 1997 but wasn’t sold in the UK, except as an grey import (wikipedia says imports were “mainly driven by car enthusiasts, or an unfilled need for a seven- or eight- passenger vehicle in that market”). Which is why we’d not noticed it before.  Anyway, if you fancy an 8 seater mini bus with all the trimmings, they are about for sale on used vehicle sites!  But sadly not in purple. Nice badge though…

We did also spot this one, which was probably inspired by First movement (Moderato – Allegro) by Jon Lord on his famous Concerto.

austin allegro.jpg