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In Rock Hard

July 6, 2020

The latest issue of Planet Rock magazine (21) manages to get in a few Deep Purple releases as part of a bit Top 100 Live Albums feature. Mike Galway has spotted (in reverse order!) 50 – On Stage, full page with nice pic of Ritchie and Japanese ticket. 47 – Made In Europe.  30 – Live in the Heart of the City, full page picture of Coverdale. And best of all at No. 1 – Made In Japan with a four page feature.
Mike says it’s “a nice feature which somebody has obviously put some thought into – which makes a nice change”. The magazine is a tie in with Planet Rock radio but has never really found a niche that marks it out from other rock magazines, and this will be it’s final issue.

Rock Hard 398.jpg

Meanwhile in Germany Rock Hard magazine finally bow to common sense and go with what we’re told is their first Deep Purple cover feature (it’s taken them nearly 400 issues!), though they didn’t go very far for the cover shot, one of the most used of all time. Inside according to John Tucker they have a 12 page feature, interviews with Steve Morse and Ian Paice, a piece on books about the band, what looks like a retrospective and a section on ‘In Rock’ to mark the anniversary.

I’m afraid I had to look up the cover word, only to discover it has it’s own flipping wikipedia page! From un- +‎ kaputt +‎ -bar. The word – which means indestructable – “was used first in 1990 in an advertising campaign. It intentionally violates the grammar rules by using the suffix -bar with the adjective kaputt despite of the fact that this suffix is only used to build adjectives from verbs (e.g. unkaputtmachbar). This made the word sound somewhat funny with the purpose of drawing attention.” So now we know!

Most influential

April 9, 2013

Listeners to Planet Rock radio have been voting for who they thiunk is the most influential rock band of them all. Perhaps not surprising to see Led Zeppelin topped the poll, taking a fifth of all the votes, but it was good to see Deep Purple holding their own amidst some pretty good company at number five (have Queen really been so influential?). Even last night we caught a bit of James May’s TV show and heard Stormbringer being used to underscore a piece on lightning storms! Thanks to David Browne.

1.     Led Zeppelin. 2.     Queen. 3.     Black Sabbath. 4.     Pink Floyd. 5.     Deep Purple. 6.     Jimi Hendrix. 7.     The Rolling Stones. 8.     The Who. 9.     AC/DC. 10.  David Bowie