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All Night Long

January 19, 2014

Wolfsgang Vault seem to have acquired a video vault of rock shows filmed (seemingly by the venue itself) at the Capitol Theatre, Passiac, New Jersey, USA. Amongst the goodies is a good chunk of a show by Rainbow from early December 1979. This was the start of the Graham Bonnet era, the band having hit the road in America in mid-September (through to late December) to start promoting the new Down To Earth album. They supported Blue Oyster Cult for some shows, but headlined over The Scorpions at others, this date (Dec 1) being one such. A couple of numbers have been posted online (these are in black and white) and knowing the site (who have aired the Mk 4 Long beach show in the past despite dubious rights to do so) it’ll be made available in some format before too long (I’m told full versions are starting to do the rounds already on collectors circles).  Given the limited amount of material from the line-up (the Donington TV show still remains unissued) this is quite a discovery, and a show which has not been documented before. Sound is not great, but as someone said, it’s rare!  Thanks to Tim Summers for the heads up.

Full track listing and an advert for the show is on our diary archive listing and the Wolfgang site’s video clips are here.