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And so Deep Purple begins

May 15, 2018


What did you do at the weekend just gone? Me I walked round to the shops for some bread rolls and a Saturday paper, did a bit of weeding in the garden and gave a talk on pre-War commercial street photography.


What did Derek Lawrence do with his weekend just gone fifty years ago? Only produced (with the help of a BBC Sound Effects LP!) the first Deep Purple album Shades Of Deep Purple. Happy 50th Deep Purple!

Yes we know they did some shows before, and a few demos, but to me that trip to the Pye basement studios (at ATV house) near Marble Arch meant it all suddenly got real. How could they cut an album so quickly? Well they’d rehearsed and done most of the material either live or in previous groups, so it was all fairly well bedded in. Plus they were damn good musicians. And they had no more budget!

Derek did a bit more work on the Monday, cut and mastered the first (proposed) single later in the week, EMI got on board, and the rest is, well history. History which continues to prove fascinating for many, and music which has given millions pleasure over those fifty years.

The studio? Pye were there until 1989 in one guise or another, but the Sixties building where so many other great recordings were also made was demolished in 2003.


one that got away

April 28, 2015

Hush UK picture sleeve Deep Purple

A very mint copy of that rarest of Deep Purple UK singles, Hush / One More Rainy Day, in an original and very good picture sleeve, has sold for a grand at auction, according to George Costantini (himself a keen singles collector). I’m fairly sure this makes it the priciest regular (i.e. not acetate or test pressing) release single from the band now. Pretty much rules it out ever being added to the DTB archives I’m afraid!  It tops the £700+ paid out for a factory condition mono Shades a few months back too.

Records store day redux

July 7, 2014

Deep Purple Black Night Live record store day 2014 release.We have a small stock of the two UK 2014 Deep Purple Record Store day vinyl releases mentioned on an earlier posting for anyone who wasn’t able to queue. This is the Mono colour vinyl Shades LP and the monstrously table-mat thick pressing of the Made In Japan single.  As there are only a few, we’ve put them up on our new Deep Purple Collectors Store.

The Mk 1 Box details

June 13, 2014

Deep Purple Hard Road Mk 1 box setFinal details of the upcoming Mk 1 58 track box set (scheduled for the third week of July) are now in. It’s something of a mixed bag as far as most readers of Darker Than Blue are concerned, and much depends on how desperate you are for mono mixes (new to CD). The box does get the stuff back on catalogue but an initial trawl through the content suggests so much more could have been done here. Anyhow, I’ve done a full break-down of the bonus tracks (there do appear to be a handful of new oddds and ends) on the review pages and it can be pre-ordered at the DTB Online shop.

Record Store Day 2014

March 6, 2014

Details are a bit patchy on all the Record Store Day releases this year, but it now looks as if the other repro Japanese 7″ Deep Purple singles originally mooted as part of the Made In Japan box set (one remains in the 5 disc box) will instead appear on Record Store Day. The Shades Of Deep Purple vinyl is also now slated for the day as well. I’m told there will be something from Rainbow’s Black Masquerade on offer too.
As we’ve said in past years, DTB are not able to stock these releases up front but may be able to get stock afterwards, so do drop us an email if interested and we will contact you. We normally sell anything at RRP rather than try and hype it up as some on ebay do!
Funnily enough we just found a couple of copies of the 2012 Record Store Day Smoke On The Water unique sleeve still sealed if anyone is still after that. Drop Ann an email.

Past Record store days on the site: 2012. Record Store day 2011

Mk 1 again

February 24, 2014

Three new versions of the Mk 1 album are released in Japan this week.  I’ve kind of lost count of the number of times they have done the albums in reproduction sleeves there (and they were done in the UK by EMI in a box set way back), but this new trio promise to be the best yet, thanks to the involvement of fans to ensure the faithful reproduction of the original Japanese cover art.  Best of the lot is perhaps The Book Of Taliesyn which has an authentic slightly off white tone to the card, but if you don’t have any earlier versions then these are well worth checking out.  Released by Victor in Japan, all come with K2HD mastering and the bonus tracks which adorned the original UK EMI reissues back in 2000.  DTBOnline shop have long since given up trying to import these sort of titles, but we recommend a firm like CDJapan.  The photo below shows the three covers, thanks to Masaki Tanaka.

Shades Of Deep Purple, Book of Taliesyn, Third album

Shades of vinyl

February 6, 2014

shades on deckShades Of Deep Purple will get a UK vinyl reissue later this year. It’s an album which most specialist vinyl labels have skipped over in the rush to flood the markets, and hopefully it will be sourced from the production masters we found during work on the last CD reissue back in 2000. I was thinking this would be the first vinyl pressing of the album since the Harvest Heritage cock up way back, but had forgotten that EMI did a very limited run of vinyl titles back in 1997 to mark the centenary of the company (not the band!), and Shades was one of those (albeit with a poorly copied front cover). There have also been lots of pirate vinyl editions over in North America on Passport (and other labels). More details when we have them. Personally I’ve always quite fancied seeing the US cover redone properly (here it is getting an airing on Chris Meloche’s home deck). The album is also getting another mini-sleeve Japan edition shortly (which we covered in the new year round-up below).

We had a story on how much the original vinyl is fetching not long ago: Mint copy of Shades auctioned.

DTB Shades Discography

Rare Shades Of Deep Purple

May 4, 2012

deep purple shades of deep purple first pressing parlophone label

A copy of Shades Of Deep Purple fetched over £700 at an online auction the other week. Before we all dash to our record racks…
Up for sale was the first EMI pressing, with the yellow and silver on black Parlophone £ label. Which is rare I agree but even so. What seems to have driven this one up to such a high price was the condition; it looked like it had just been taken out of the factory. The cover (the back with the purple colour of course) was in absolutely stunning condition, with a lovely gloss on the front. The record itself looked unplayed.
Unusually there were still several bidders interested even as it climbed the £300+ mark. It reached nearly £400 and then one buyer slapped what must have seemed like a game sealing £600 bid on it, only to find two other buyers push it up another hundred pounds or so to the closing price in the last few minutes.
And before you ask yes we do have a copy in the archive, but it is not in anything like such great condition, with a couple of scuffs on one side of the disc and one or two of those crease marks which affect a lot of early laminated sleeves.
This auction was for a stereo copy; heaven knows what might have gone on were it the even rarer mono pressing.
My thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for flagging this up for me.