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Since You Been mucked about with

February 14, 2023

If you are not a fan of the MCU films then this may have passed you by, the trailer for the third Guardians of The Galaxy movie. These days companies put a huge amount of effort into their online trailers and this one is no exception. And as much work goes into just the right soundtrack. Here the producers decided that what would fit the bill best was Rainbow’s 1979 smash Since You Been Gone!

In common with many other vintage rock tunes chosen for this purpose the producers also decided to beef it up to fit the loud cinema soundtrack systems. Here though that beefing up has largely meant chucking most of it away altogether! Graham Bonnet’s amazing vocal remains, a fair bit of guitar, after which we start to struggle to recognise much. Cozy has left the room. Roger and Don likewise as far as we can tell.
And as for being a ‘nice little earner’ we mustn’t forget it was a cover version originally anyway (Russ Ballard 1976). Still it may well drive traffic to the Rainbow version (the trailer aired during a recent big American sports final) and fractions of cents will wing their way to somebody as a result. It is often the case that the music used for trailers does not make it across into the movie so we’ll have to see. But given DTB are big fans of the first two Guardian films they will report back when it hits cinemas in May.
And no, Ritchie hasn’t undergone a Madonna like transformation above, that’s Russ playing with Candice and co. in 2017. Thanks to the ever vigilant Tim Summers for pointing us to the story.