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Malcolm John Rebennack Jr.

June 28, 2019

Bath Festival 1970

Or Doctor John to most of us!  His recent death at the age of 78 has been widely reported but it is perhaps worth noting amongst his more illustrious career highlights (he made his live debut as The Night Tripper in the UK at one of the legendary Bath Festivals, check out the flyer above – what an amazing bill), and some two thousand sessions and guest appearance (!), there are connections with the Deep Purple scene.

Some will know that Tommy Bolin worked with Dr. John at one point, although details are a bit sketchy. Three tracks are known to exist, and also feature Alphonse Mouzon on drums. They have not been issued officially but do circulate on whatever the modern version of a cassette is these days (Tommy Taylor where are you now!?). The songs were cut in 1975 after the Mind Transplant sessions in Los Angeles and while the tapes are lousy and are regarded as demos, they do suggest the tracks were pretty much finished up wherever the quarter inch masters are.

I must admit I had forgotten that when Ian Gillan and Roger Glover wanted some funky piano on their Accidentally On Purpose album, they also turned to Dr. John.  He plays his fingers off on two of the covers,  Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave and Purple People Eater. This album was cut in 1988 and came close to cracking the American charts at one point. Well worth checking out (there have been umpteen reissues) if you don’t know it, there are some great songs on there. I wasn’t alone in feeling there was a career choice to be made there instead of slogging it out with the increasingly fraught reunion!

Thanks to Matthew Kean, Tim Summers, Timothy Campbell, Mark Maddock.

Record Store Day 2019

March 25, 2019

A bit of an uninspiring selection on the Deep Purple front again this year for Record Store Day it has to be said, with only three offerings appearing on April 13th.  Demon are doing Gillan’s Mr. Universe, the pretext being to mark the 40th Anniversary of the album (which just makes us all feel old!).  Collectability is boosted by “split coloured vinyl” (rather than split kneee loons) which sort of looks quite neat. But whether it’s enough to tempt people is debatable.  The Demon web site does not show how many are being made.

Friday Music are shoving out their rather lacklustre Tommy Bolin CD sampler Come Taste The Man on vinyl in a run of 1,000 copies, this is for the US but shops here seem to be listing it.

Lastly there’s a 2LP release of Butterfly Ball, with the original album plus the demos and such which appeared on the CD reissue and I don’t think have been on vinyl before.

You can check out all special releases on the Record Store days website

Thanks to Mark Maddock for his help.

Here’s a snap of the Gillan disc.

Mr Universe colour vinyl 2019.jpg

Getting Gettin’ Tighter

September 10, 2015

tommy bolin deep purpleYou will need to squirrel this out on the web for a listen (or even – shock horror – buy the CD), but guitarist Craig Erickson, who has worked with Glenn Hughes in the studio and live, has an album out called ‘Sky Train Galaxy’ which includes a rare cover of Mk 4’s ‘Gettin’ Tighter’.  He’s not the strongest singer, but has somehow managed to get under the skin of the track and reinterpret it as if Tommy had done it on one of his solo albums, which is quite clever.  I started out listening to it and thinking ‘so-so’ but by the end I had really got what he was doing.  And don’t cut off at the end or you miss the quiet coda.  Nice one Craig.
Thanks to Tim Summers and Rick Freeman.

Bolin Radio Special

January 23, 2015

Tommy Bolin fans will be interested in a two hour radio special on the man and his music coming soon.

Johnnie Bolin

It is the work of Denise Faithful and 102.7 FM KYGT Radio in Idaho Springs, Colorado, who have put together a commercial free radio documentary on the guitarist. Contributions come from Kenny Passarelli, Stanley Sheldon, Johnnie Bolin, Glenn Hughes and additional guests are promised. The show goes out on Friday February 6th, from 10:00am -1:00pm Central Standard Time (US).  But you can listen in on the web for free by using the link below (maybe go the the station site first for more details).  Thanks to Trace Keane, who also sent us the photo above of Kenny and Johnnie during the recording.

Pay to view

December 1, 2014

Deep Purple Liverpool 1976Hot on the heels of that interesting Marshall documentary (which was pretty good for the most part – and great to have Purple’s part of the story properly recognised, and see Nick Simper, Bernie Marsden and Mick Underwood in a show together), and that iffy Made In Japan one from a few weeks back, comes news that the much edited Last Concert In Japan aka Rises Over Japan Mk 4 video gets an airing at the weekend, albeit on Sky Arts (Sat Dec 6th). If you’ve not got one of the zillion pirate copies or never watched it online, then approach with some caution as it is a very heavily edited and messed about with representation of the band. Thanks to Mr. TV listings, Tim Summers.

(I was going to illustrate this with a shot of Mk 1 as is traditional in TV listings magazines but wasn’t sure everyone would get the joke!)

Bolin Fest

July 29, 2014

tommy bolin deep purpleThat triple Zephyr CD set we mentioned back in May was pulled at the last moment, but is now going to be released as a simple 1CD disc, albeit with 4 bonus tracks.  It looks as if there must have been some contractural issues over the live set. This revised edition is available to pre-order at DTBOnline store. In the meantime the Annual Tommy Bolin Festival kicks off on July 31st in Sioux City.  While you can find out more details on the web, they are launching the event with a two hour radio special hosted by Ken Passarelli (Energy’s first bass player) on the Thursday evening.  This should be available via the web for fans round the world to listen to and we’ll add the url if and when we get it. The main live music event draws the festival to a close on August 2nd.

There will be some exciting news on a forthcoming publishing project for 2015 announced at the festival too and we will be able to say more about this next week.

clear space on your shelf

May 20, 2014

Strange how everything goes quiet for a time then suddenly we’re swamped with new (and old) releases and forthcoming projects. Here’s a quick catch up with what’s happening:

Made In Japan is now shipping in all the various editions. We have already gone on about this on the site so will be interested to hear what people say once they actually get to study the content in detail. I’ve opened a reviews page.  DTB online stock is going out but taking ages to pack; as seems the norm these days we were left til last for stock orders.  However we will hold the advertised prices on the big editions for the next couple of weeks.

Jon Lord The Artwoods RPMThe Artwoods collection has been revamped since we last posted about it.  The set has been given a new title, Steady Gettin’ It, a new sleeve with a great colour photo, and an extra disc!  So it has morphed into a triple album.  The main reason for this is the inclusion of no fewer than FIVE BBC sessions by the band, some sixteen tracks in total from 1965, 1966 and 1967.  The booklet has also been expanded to 38 pages. It’s due in at the very end of July now, so will probably ship early August. Full track list is on our online store.

Also from the sixties is a nice looking reissue of the original Zephyr debut album, Tommy Bolin‘s first major studio output. Out of print here for years (BGO first issued it in the UK on CD), this has been overseen and annotated by band member David Givens and includes a remaster of the original 1969 album, a CD of miscellaneous live tracks and a third disc which is a one-off full reunion show from 1973 in Boulder (Tommy had moved on the year before). It’s a US import due at the end of this month but DTB Online will be stocking it. All the CDs are in separate mini-gatefold covers packaged in a nice slipcase with a detailed booklet.  Just think, MIJ could have looked like this!

Bernie Marsden ShineBernie Marsden has also finally set a date for his much trailed new solo album Shine, which is now due in August. As we’ve mentioned before, this features David Coverdale, Ian Paice and Don Airey in guest roles.  The previews we’ve heard sound great, a really gusty blues production. There will be a limited double vinyl run as well.

Glenn Hughes‘s new outfit California Breed is also due in a few days. They have added a limited edition which includes a DVD of the promo videos and other goodies.

Still no sign of the triple vinyl for Black Masquerade by Rainbow, we’ll keep hammering away at the label reps for a date.

The triple vinyl of Deep Purple’s 1969 Concerto has also gone back and is now promised for late June.  The Mk 1 box set is still in the pipeline but getting nearer.  I’m hoping there will be some exciting news concerning this, but have to keep quiet for now.

All the above are on the DTB Online store and can be ordered – or pre-ordered.

Lastly we do have some stock of the limited edition Record Store Day Deep Purple releases here but will only put these on the store once we have fulfilled the pre-orders.
And talking of online stores, we are in the final testing stages of a NEW DTB COLLECTABLES online shop.  Response to our earlier lists of collectors items, rarities, second hand vinyl, etc. was so good we have decided to open a new online shop for this sort of material.  More details will follow very shortly.  We are also going to open a new email news and new release news service.  Lots of you already get emails from Ann but her software is now starting to creak at the sheer number of addresses. So we’ve invested in a special software to organise this better and again details will be posted here soonest.

Bolin Festival 2014

December 20, 2013

smile boxNext year’s Tommy Bolin festival is being part funded through a crowd sourcing initiative by the organisers. Check this link to read more and find out how to get involved.

Bolin details

July 11, 2013

fix2-08.13.2013-onesheets-p1Details of the new Bolin collection are filtering through, and we’ve put the full details up on our Bolin page as there are a number of different editions to get your head around.  DTBOnline will be stocking it, but it is only available on import.

Def Leppard on Deep Purple

July 9, 2013

Damian Phelan was doing a bit of surfing and turned up a ‘my favourite guitar solos’ feature by Phil Collen from Def Leppard. Both Blackmore and Bolin made his top ten, as Phil explained:
“(Highway Star) had a huge impact on me, and it was very instrumental in my wanting to pursue the guitar. Actually, it was the first proper solo I learned how to play. Listening to it now, the tone is a little too clean for my taste – I prefer a much dirtier sound – but I’m still very impressed by Ritchie Blackmore’s choice of notes. He doesn’t do anything obvious, nor does he play what a lot of guitarists did back then – all those Jimmy Page blues-rock patterns. Of course, I love Jimmy Page, so I’m not knocking him. I’m just saying that Blackmore took things ‘outside’. A very unconventional guitarist.
Blackmore picks each note with total precision, but he plays with unbelievable fire. The man’s rippin’! Even on some of the stuff that’s sort of classical, he’s going for it.”
“Billy Cobham’s Spectrum is one of the first jazz-rock fusion records. It totally turned people’s heads around. And Tommy Bolin, who had replaced Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple, is an absolute monster on it. On the song Quadrant 4, he’s going nuts with the wah-wah, the Echoplex, the whammy bar. God, he’s just making the guitar scream! But what’s super-impressive is how he keeps his licks right in place and never loses the rest of the band.
The great thing about Tommy Bolin is that he had a wonderful ‘fuck-off-ness’ to his playing. But it wasn’t for the sake of being arrogant; he was just being himself, being free. The guy lived and breathed music, and it’s really sad he died so young. He would have evolved and contributed so much.”
You can read the full feature at the Music Radar site. I’ll have to check with my brother, he jammed with them once at some scout hut or other in their very early days (but didn’t think they’d make it!).