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Released on bail

October 12, 2021

DP’s cover of Love’s 7 And 7 Is was pushed as the “single” on October 6, not that such things have much meaning these days – sadly. Is it any good? Well with players of this stature it was never going to be awful was it, but opinion does seem to be splitting amongst the “worldwide community of Deep Purple loyal fans” (© edel press dept) – or at least that small fraction I’m in touch with regularly – as to whether they will bother buying it or not. More exciting perhaps is that just as the world finally catches on to the harm the Instagram platform does, Deep Purple have launched their own account! So all those teenagers out there who couldn’t be tempted by the Deep Purple twitter and facebook feeds (and never knew what a web page was anyway) can now follow the band. Can a Bebo page be far behind?
The editions of the album have also been revealed to get collectors salivating / scratching round the back of the sofa for change. There will be (deep breath) a clear vinyl 2LP, the regular black vinyl 2LP, a cream 2LP vinyl edition, both digipack and standard CDs, a 5×12” single box set, which I assume divides the LP up into twin-deck disco chunks plus a bonus track, a cover of ‘(I’m A) Roadrunner’, and a bonus DVD. And of course there are the download versions. There is also a “Locked Up: The Making Of Turning To Crime” out on YouTube. Nice to see someone bucking the trend for shelf shortages here anyway. Some folk are still putting money on this album being volume one of two, as the first leaked press track list was headed Volume One, but I’m no Sherlock Holmes.
Thanks to David Browne, John Tucker, and many more for the in-tray meltdown!

Crime Watch

August 31, 2021

Thanks to Mathieu Pinard / Rock Hard magazine