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the hunt for red vinyl

June 28, 2013

In Rock Japan red

Has any lucky collector out there got the rare 1970 red vinyl Japanese Toshiba Warners 7 Arts edition of In Rock they could do us a snap or scan of? We’d like to show it in the upcoming book, but I’ve never had the funds available when it has come up for sale so our collection lacks this. We contacted an online collectors site who have one for sale, but it turns out to have gone months ago and they only have a poor quality scan left (and a long waiting list for the next available copy apparently!)…

UPDATE – Thanks to AH who has photographed his promo copy for us, and to MT who confirms both the promo and regular edition in red wax, and says the latter was only in the shops for a few weeks…

Purple on black

June 12, 2013

Three vinyl reissues which may have escaped people’s notice. Flagged up here as DTB Online Store has been able to get more stock of them all at last. Purpendicular came out again in 2011. Slaves & Masters was reissued last year, while Battle Rages On, one of the rarest of the band’s albums in vinyl, came out a couple of months back. These are all European pressings on heavy-weight vinyl. Check to store out or give us a call for more details.


Rare Shades Of Deep Purple

May 4, 2012

deep purple shades of deep purple first pressing parlophone label

A copy of Shades Of Deep Purple fetched over £700 at an online auction the other week. Before we all dash to our record racks…
Up for sale was the first EMI pressing, with the yellow and silver on black Parlophone £ label. Which is rare I agree but even so. What seems to have driven this one up to such a high price was the condition; it looked like it had just been taken out of the factory. The cover (the back with the purple colour of course) was in absolutely stunning condition, with a lovely gloss on the front. The record itself looked unplayed.
Unusually there were still several bidders interested even as it climbed the £300+ mark. It reached nearly £400 and then one buyer slapped what must have seemed like a game sealing £600 bid on it, only to find two other buyers push it up another hundred pounds or so to the closing price in the last few minutes.
And before you ask yes we do have a copy in the archive, but it is not in anything like such great condition, with a couple of scuffs on one side of the disc and one or two of those crease marks which affect a lot of early laminated sleeves.
This auction was for a stereo copy; heaven knows what might have gone on were it the even rarer mono pressing.
My thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for flagging this up for me.