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47th anniversary reprint!

June 5, 2017

Deep Purple In Rock

What were you doing on June 5th forty-seven years ago?  Me I was probably trying to dodge flying board rubbers in double english (the teacher had this habit of lobbing them at high velocity in the vague direction of anyone he thought wasn’t paying attention…)
Some however were lucky enough to be in town picking up Deep Purple In Rock, released that day (or perhaps the single Black Night, issued at the same time.)
I was reminded of this only because the reprint of the book Deep Purple – Wait For The Ricochet is at last back in stock at the publishers.  Everyone who pre-ordered the reprint has had their copy shipped, but if you missed it first time round, now is your chance (but don’t dilly dally as a third of the stock has apparently shipped already.)

The book basically covers the entire build up from the first days of Mk 2 through the recording sessions for the first Mk 2 studio album and then the In Rock tour, an intense two year period, researched in remarkable detail, chock full of photos and memorabilia. From Jon Lord’s mum defending her lad in the Melody Maker, to Roger Glover’s hints for dying crushed velvet trousers green. From the location of the gig where Gillan was auditioned, to Ritchie shopping for strobe lights. From the In Rock engineer’s matter of fact description of Ritchie recording the guitar solo for Child In Time,  to Ian Gillan Black Night contemporary press reviewexplaining the need for tight trousers to sing the vocals, it’s all here.  What’s more there is a discount on the retail price which is extended for the next two weeks if you order through the publisher’s shop. The links below will give you more information and page visuals.
And if you already have the book, celebrate like I am by playing a cut or two off the album later today (to get Liar Liar out of your brain if nothing else!).

link to shop
link to publisher’s pages about the book
reviews of the first edition

In Rock book cover, Wait For The Ricochet.




Wait (ing is over) For The Ricochet

January 31, 2014

Deep Purple early Mk 2

The Deep Purple – Wait For The Ricochet book has now shipped. Last Friday was signing day. Stephen and Simon spent several hours slowly and carefully going through boxes of the book. Shipping out for discounted pre-ordered copies began on Saturday and has carried on ever since, with the last couple of boxes going to the post-office today. So hopefully everyone who ordered direct before publication date will have their signed copy any time, well ahead of it being available anywhere else (it may take a couple of extra days to reach some of the more distant destinations – apart from the UK the book has gone to places as far afield as America, Canada, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and China.) The book is also with the distributors so they will be getting it out to shops and other online outlets in due course.
A big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered as it helped give the project some extra assurance, and also to people who contributed in whatever way to the content. Any new orders will be dealt with next week.
I have to say Easy On The Eye books (check their site for more information and ordering details) and their printers have done a bang up job, the book looks and feels great, and visually it’s just so jammed packed with material it’s hard to know where to start. The DTB office now has the lingering smell of real litho ink (which took Simon back to his days working at a printers,) and he’s asked for the weekend off to recover having worked out that he’d shifted 200kgs of orders single-handed over the week.
Another little teaser of a competition for people; the early live shot of IG in Mk 2 above was taken at a venue in the north of England with Deep Purple as the support act. Can you tell us the link between this venue and another famous British rock band who made it famous? No prizes for this one, as the answer is actually in the book – if you look carefully…  (and if anyone can source a set of those wonderful 50s lampshades for DTB towers do get in touch.)

Still waiting for the ricochet

December 19, 2013

The publishers of Wait For The Ricochet have not been able to get this shipped into their warehouse in time for DTB to post out before the December holiday break.  It will arrive with the book distributors sometime over the next few days, and we will in turn arrange to have our stock shipped up to our office as soon as it on their stock lists. DTB customers will still get their copies before anyone else, but I do apologise to anyone who was hoping for this in their stocking.

What’s Goin’ On Here?

November 26, 2013

Deep Purple Blizen 1969 BlackmoreYou know how it is, book all proofed, checked and off to the printers, and then you take a second look at one of the last photographs which went in and… gulp; is Blackmore really using non-Marshall amps and speakers at an early show? Is the chapter covering his gear already needing a rewrite?
We had a low res scan of a great photo of Deep Purple at Blizen jazz festival in 1969, a very early Mk 2 shot which was quite important to the book. The photographer was asking a lot of money for us to use the image and wasn’t even sure if he wanted it in the book at all (as he was working on a book of his rock material from the sixties), so sorting it out took months.  We got there in the end, the high resolution version came winging through and was swopped over, but not before several hours spent cleaning up 40 year old dust specks (as you do). Generally this sort of work is done at some stupid size enlargement on screen to make sure nobody sees the restoration when it appears at normal size in the book. It’s fiddly work but I quite enjoy it.  That was until I realised the name on the amps clearly was NOT that of Marshall.  I could just make out the letters Dav…  This prompted a hasty round-robin to a few fans to see if anyone else could work out what was going on.
Deep Purple Blizen 1969 BlackmoreMy brother came back fairly quickly to say these were actually Italian speakers and amps made by Davoli, quite popular in Europe in the late sixties (as well as being collectable today; the amp has a really nice red fascia design). Others suggestions were that maybe Ritchie just had to borrow stuff as it was a multi-artist two day festival, which seemed reasonable. It was left to Tonny Steenhagen to restore sanity, by suggesting I check the old Bilzen video (which makes a change from him wearily having to point out I’ve spelt the festival name wrongly! And I must admit I’d not watched it for some years).  The Davoli amps and speakers were indeed there, but as part of the back-line for another band (see snap below).  The photographer had snapped Deep Purple with Blackmore near the front of the stage, so the foreshortening had made it look like they were his amps. The trusty Marshalls were there as always. Phew.
Hopefully we’ll get an actual delivery date for the book in the next few days, and can also point out that it’s been expanded in page count to incorporate extra material and photos. The publishers also have several more page previews on their site at easy on the eye books.

Waiting for the ricochet…

September 26, 2013

is nearly over. Easy On The Eye have updated their site with news of the Wait For The Ricochet book, which has been delayed a little due to a few of technical glitches at the proofing stage. They are expecting delivery during late October (or possibly early November). The good news is that towards the end of the project the printers suggested the book could have extra pages due to the way they would be setting it up on the press, so it’s now even longer. Which means there was room after all for the story about our beloved ex-Labour PM ratting out fellow pupils for wagging off to see the band in 1970! And more photographs.
A big thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered, and who will get their copies straight off the press. DTB have just taken delivery of boxes of special packaging to make sure it arrives in pristine condition.
The book can still be pre-ordered (either via the publishers or DTB Online store).
Ritchie Blackmore guitar strobe sequence 1970