Glenn on form


With Glenn just a few days off landing in the UK, reports from America suggest he is doing a great set. Vince travelled miles and caught the show in Providence RI the other evening and sent us the pic:

Glenn in fine form despite this being almost the last gig of North America tour. It was a small crowd (200+) and they upgraded anyone sat in the balcony, but still he gave it his all. So good to hear some of the tunes. Keyboardist and guitar not bad, well worth the trip and physical strife. I was worried the Purple tunes would tax Glenn but it was like 1975.
He certainly has extended inbetween song chats – a Bolin tribute before Gettin’ Tighter and the fact he is a citizen of the US now, etc. Glenn did feet it here and there, it is a taxing setlist, but he pulled it off with breaks and did plenty of Purple inspired screams to our delight. Other venues seem sold out so Providence may be odd one that was poorly attended, but great audience. Vince Chong, Canada.

UK dates are on our Diary Page (scroll down!) but some venues are sold out so check first.


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2 Responses to “Glenn on form”

  1. Steve Says:

    Off to Newcastle next week, for what should be a legendary gig… I’ve loved it every time I’ve seen Glenn live and look forward to what promises to be 1974/75 rekindled… Glenn always gives everything and is without doubt the best Purple family legacy act on the road right now. He still has an amazing range, presence and his talents (for me) remain mesmerizing. He’s a gem and thank God he got through all his ‘stuff’ and still out there doing it for the fans.

    Rock on…

  2. Augusto Says:

    Don’t miss this show! Amazing set list.

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