Crime Watch

August 31, 2021

Thanks to Mathieu Pinard / Rock Hard magazine

Out of town tonight

August 8, 2021

While tickets and the like are great souvenirs, this page from one of the crew’s passports illustrates the every day routine of touring really nicely. One images a secretary at the HEC office rounded up the band and crew passports, and took them en masse down to the Japanese embassy in London so they could be stamped for entry. This image courtesy Aleksey shows such an entry dated August 8th 1972, clearing the holder for a visit to Japan within four months of the date shown. Fans will spot this to be the legendary Made In Japan tour. There was a fee of £1.35p payable for this (which was doubtless deducted from the next wages!). The visa has then been over stamped in Japan at the airport to show it has been used. If you wanted to go again, that would be another £1.35p.

Whitesnake expand

August 4, 2021

Well perhaps we have all eaten a bit more than we should during lockdown but no. In DCs case he’s added another singer to his group, which seems a bit of a left field move. His name is Dino Jelusick and he will join them for the delayed world tour next year (along with the usual suspects and co-headliners). It reaches the UK in May. Flyer is attached above courtesy of Tim Summers, who also adds that Bernie Marsden has a new album out called Kings, which is his tribute to blues greats BB, Albert and Freddie. Such a neat idea you wonder why nobody thought of it before. Nice sleeve too. He’s doing signed copies at his site and the CD includes a cover of a cover Whitesnake did on Lovehunter, Help Me Through The Day. It’s lovely. They are also planning a reissue of DCs Restless Heart album with all the trimmings. Thanks also to Tom Dixon.


July 5, 2021

People will very long memories may remember that Glenn Hughes was in the running for doing the original Ghostbusters film theme music back in 1983. He and musical partner Pat Thrall pitched their demo, which has just surfaced as an MP3 from Pat some 35 years on! It’s quite a strange thing to listen to, especially as it musically trundles along to much the same backing idea as the proper film theme. Tim Summers says this is because the producers got every artist on their list to use a Huey Lewis track called I Want A New Drug as a guide, as they knew this fitted the film sequence. Huey Lewis was apparently too busy doing Back To The Future to make his own pitch! Anyway, Pat and Glenn were one of some 50 acts who got rejected, and the gig went to Ray Parker Junior whose did turn in a cracking song. However someone had forgotten to tell Huey Lewis they were using his song as a guide and he promptly sued and got a pay-off in the end! According to Pat “The guy that mixed it had been awake for a week on cocaine. It is one of the worst mixes ever.”

ANYWAY, long story over, have a listen. There is a sort of Ghostbusters sequel due out any time with the original cast as guests. Looking forward to it.

The Sound of Music

June 28, 2021

I’m pretty sure Simon cried into his bottle of Rotring ink when he saw the first few of the band’s official bootleg series, but the ‘brown paper packages tied up with strings’ laziness continues on this next two. The Australian show will likely be familiar from the box set of bootlegs issued back in 2001, but the Hammy Odeon set from a year later is at least musically of interest. This is we think Jon Lord’s last concert as a full official member of Deep Purple. The band embarked on what was to be his final tour without telling anyone (though we seem to remember a certain fanzine broke ranks and blabbed all!), BUT everyone quickly went down with nasty flu and after the London show the rest of the dates were pulled. They were rebooked but played with two keyboardists, introducing Don Airey for half the show. The gig was recorded on multi track (and an audience bootleg is about) so let’s hope that’s been used (and not screwed with). And if you don’t have enough brown cardboard, vinyl editions will also be pressed. Thanks to Tim Summers, Matthew Kean for help.

The country where I quite want to be

June 21, 2021

Deep Purple have firmed up their concert dale in Finland next year, thanks to local Mark Maddock for the heads up (flyer below). Accept and Uriah Heep are the opening acts. Meanwhile one photographer has been busy posting about photo shoots of group members and then promptly taking the posts down again, suggesting he is doing material for a new LP sleeve and publicity material.

Going forward

May 10, 2021

As I think many of us felt they might Deep Purple have officially rescheduled the tour dates by around a year into late 2022. Tim Summers has sent us the revised flyer. It does make a lot of sense given the continued uncertainty surrounding both the pandemic, though it does mean this will be the band’s longest gap between tours since the split in 1976. There are continued stories on the web that they have been / will be / are working on putting a new studio album together in the meantime but we can’t shed any light on that and the graphic does still lean / promote Whoosh. Hard the think at least some of them haven’t had their notepads out during the break though!

UPDATE • from IGs spot on the radio last week (see story below) he implies they have not done any studio work on the next album BUT are now planning to get together towards the end of the summer to begin work on ideas and writing which does suggest they could have a new LP around the time of the rescheduled tour in 2021.

We all came down to Monmouth

May 6, 2021

UPDATE • Tim Summers listened in and says the show actually went out live; IG has been down there before and co-hosted it.

IAN GILLAN is doing a radio special Friday night (7th), starting at 4.00pm, on his local station, a show called Finally Friday. Thanks to Geoff Quad for spotting this! From the photo on their social media “site” I assume it’s a pre-recorded show. I also assume all three fellers have had their double jabs!

RSD 2021

April 23, 2021

Record Store Day rushes round again though not sure I would wish to queue for the goodies in these Covid times even with the jab. There a Bolin related barrel scraper in America (June 12) called Energy 2, while Cherry Red are pressing the Trapeze show from Texas in 1972 which I think came out on CD some time ago. If you are really keen there is even a pressing of Sundragon, a really rare pre Purple session, though again that’s been out on CD in the past (and the Purple cuts were included on the Pre-Purple People which Simon put together years ago. Thanks to Mark Maddock for sifting through the releases for us. Take my advice Mark and skip past Tom Tom Club’s Good, Bad & Funky – it was terrible even when it came out (and I’d buy anything with Tina Weymouth on it!) SR

DMX – X Moves

April 16, 2021

I don’t pretend to understand any of this but Ian Paice has been found laying down a heavy beat on the posthumous single from rapper DMX who died a little while ago (though it was cut before he became ill). It all kind of washed over me and the keyboards are amazingly dated but the involvement of Paice, Steve Howe and Bootsy Collins seems to get plenty of respect in the comments section below the official audio stream on YouTube. Thanks to Tim Summers for first giving me the heads up.