Hip boots.

November 25, 2015


SET SPOILER!  Though not very much. Deep Purple’s current set was the subject of some discussion recently, and they have changed things around a little for the current batch of dates, which of course concludes in London in a couple of weeks time at the O2.  The set list for the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland on October 25th is fairly typical:

Après Vous / Demon’s Eye / Hard Lovin’ Man / Strange Kind of Woman / Vincent Price / new instrumental / Uncommon Man / The Well-Dressed Guitar / The Mule / Get On Hip Boots (new) / Silver Tongue / Hell to Pay / Keyboard Solo / The Battle Rages On / Space Truckin’ / Smoke on the Water. Encore Hush  / Black Night.

It still included four from Now What in the show although the end of the set looks very familiar.  We’re not sure what the new song Got My Hip Boots On (the title seems to be fluid) is about and even Ian Gillan seems a bit unsure, judging from the way he keeps focused on the crib sheet throughout!  After some ropey footage of this appeared on the web the song was taken out, though I’m not sure it would have much impact on album sales – this was after all the way much of Machine Head was developed. It sounds a little pedestrian so far but has room to develop. Amazingly Contact Lost has finally been shaken off and was replaced by a new piece of Steve’s. I can’t recall how many years this one has been there.
Mary Long, Pictures of Home and Wring That Neck were included at a couple of the shows in Italy.  There was even a chunk of the old Gillan showstopper Brazos included before the newie, Got My Hip Boots On at one gig.
The changes inspired DPAS stalwart Mark Maddock to utilise his spreadsheet skills and prepare a list of the songs performed, where and when. The info comes from various sources, and we’ve not been able to verify the sets 100% so if you have any corrections let us know. I’ve converted this to a graphic which you can check out (in case the spreadsheet format wouldn’t work for everyone). It’s often interesting to see stats done like this, and you get an idea of how things have changed during the tour. I’ll see if we can get Mark to do more like it! Click on the image to bring up a large easier to view version. He was inspired by the work carried out by Neil Young fans at the Sugar Mountain site.


Jon Lord in print

November 18, 2015

Jon Lord Norway 2010

Trond Strøm has put together a book of his photographs of Jon Lord’s concert at Nidaros Cathedral in Norway back in May 2010. It is available in a number of editions and page sizes to order as a print on demand only title, with nearly sixty photographs across 46 pages. This is all explained on the order site which is at:


Here is one of the images by Trond from the show.  He is at pains to explain the camera in the press picture above is not the one he used at the gig…!

Jon Lord
The show was issued as a web only film which we previewed on the site in 2013.



November 14, 2015

paris bataclan

Terror attacks obviously impact on us all one way or another, but seeing The Bataclan targeted brought it all much closer.  We have been to concerts there, and many of the Deep Purple guys have trod the famous stage including Ian Gillan and most recently Glenn Hughes. I was only looking into travel options to try and catch Cyndi Lauper at this venue earlier this year.
So it could have been any of us in that hall.
I don’t have any words of wisdom to sort it (at least that can be printed), and will happily man the barricades when it comes to it (given some of the locals, pumped up by deluded idiots, turned an area in Sheffield where I used to live into a battle zone on Bonfire night – unreported by national media – this might be closer than I’d like.)  I have admired the way the French have resisted in the past, trying to keep the secular status quo, and trust they will have the strength to continue on this path.
In the meantime we’re thinking of all concert goers in Paris, the many Deep Purple fans there who we’ve known (and some met) through DTB for years, and our best friends there, Thierry and Dominique, who invited us to stay over so we could attend numerous Paris shows in the 80s and 90s.


Rainbow sold out….

November 6, 2015

Rainbow 2016 advertNot a reference to Since You Been Gone, but the NEC show.  I don’t know anyone who managed to get tickets today (Friday) except the ticket scalpers who have certainly managed to get through, with offers of tickets at double the face value and more already all over the web.  I must confess I was a little surprised it sold out at all, never mind so quickly, but as my circle of friends are all of the slightly older and more jaded variety, I hadn’t picked up on the groundswell of demand from younger folk anxious to see what the man’s reputation was built on, rather than what has been eroding it for the last two decades.

This was brought home to me by Peter Judd, who teaches at the University here, and was greeted earlier this week by an enthusiastic young student bounding in wearing his vintage repro Rainbow t-shirt and asking if he’s heard about the gig!  Just because me and Pete recall seeing the first line-up at Preston Guildhall when Rainbow were in their prime, doesn’t mean everyone had such an opportunity.

The problem is even if Ritchie does do a second show – which would seem a no-brainer to me (although the adverts do make much of  it being the “only” show) – I’ve no idea what is to stop the spivs scooping all the tickets up a second time to make a profit on. Personally I would have made it applications in person at the box-office only, that would have sorted the men from the boys. Or the cross-dressers.  Still the lack of tickets certainly settles any issues about whether I should bother or not.  Ann resolutely refused, on the grounds that Ritchie still owes her money for ruining the last NEC Purple show (and not turning up at Nottingham on one of the later Rainbow tours!).

3 is a magic number

November 2, 2015

The extent (sic) of Ritchie’s 2016 rock tour is now confirmed and comprises the two German dates already posted here and one UK date.  Ritchie is saying that this will be it for 2016, although he has not ruled out more dates in 2017.
The good news is that having passed on Download, the promoters are now saying the UK show will be indoors at the Birmingham NEC Arena on June 25th.  Tickets go on sale on the morning of November 6th.  The band line up will be announced a couple of days before, but from the names being passed around on the web, comprise nobody we’ve ever heard of anyway!  The NEC site link for the show is not yet live.
The German promoters have put up a Faceache page with some basic info and a bio.
Thanks to everyone for helping us with the news.  Names withheld to protect the innocent!


NEC Arena Horse of The Year Show

NEC Arena Horse of The Year Show

They’re coming to take me away…

October 28, 2015


‘Who The Hell Wants To Be In An Institution?’ asks Ian Gillan in a recent interview with a journalist in Chile. No, it’s not his family trying to sneak him off to assisted living that he’s complaining about, but an old favourite gripe topic amongst Purple fans everywhere, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He’s recalling the quip a few months back from the people running this institution that Purple were “one-hit wonders.”
“Whatever I say about that is gonna sound wrong. But who the hell wants to be in an institution? The Hall Of Fame thing, it’s an American thing. We don’t have that in England or Germany or Australia or Russia or anywhere in the world apart from America. And it’s an institution. What’s that got to do with rock and roll? Also, it’s run by these old guys who thought that THE MONKEES were America’s answer to THE BEATLES. And they called DEEP PURPLE [Laughs]… I don’t think they quite understand what we are… They called us one-hit wonders. So I don’t know what they were talking about… whether it was ‘Hush’ or ‘Black Night’ or ‘Strange Kind Of Woman’, ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Child In Time’, ‘Knocking At Your Back Door’ or one of those one-hit wonders that we were… ‘Highway Star’… I just don’t know. And I guess the fans don’t really understand it except in America. It’s no big deal.”
The bizarre thing is that the Hall of Fame still seem to be unable to think of inviting important bands off their own bat, and instead rely on getting fans to vote. The local news website is now suggesting that some clever clogs rigged a computer up to vote multiple times for a number of bands, including Deep Purple. Apparently it’s still possible to vote 15 times in a day, before you’re then blocked and have to go off and watch Loose Women, and wait 24 hours before doing the same thing all over again. One fan has rightly commented that “Chicago is in first place with more than 37.4 million votes. If there are that many Chicago fans, the band should release a new album tomorrow and watch it go quadruple platinum in a week!”
I don’t see what’s wrong with making people post their votes in like Sounds used to do. As it is Purple had been boosted into sixth place, with 16 million more votes than the seventh placed Janet Jackson.  Come on Ian, just a quick flash of the hairy chest on Superbowl day and you’re in with a shout!
And the photo?  Not from Chile, but a recent French TV interview screen grabbed at an awkward moment! Hopefully IG was far too charmed by his hostess to catch what was going on behind them.

Second date

October 21, 2015

Given all the denials on various websites about the festival, I was half tempted to edit the post (below), but I think it’s more a case of the promoter needing to get the news out there and start selling tickets, and everyone back at Castle Blackmore being caught on the hop at the speed of German logistics! This advert has just reached us via several emails (not sure who first posted it) and confirms a second show in Germany. Two days, each in a different muddy field!  But despite my reservations it is nevertheless quite emotional to see THAT artwork in print again after 40 years.  Have my Knebworth wellies dried out yet?

Rainbow reunion advert 2016

First date

October 18, 2015

ritchie blackmoreRitchie Blackmore has begun scheduling dates for his Purple Rainbows set (for want of a better name!).  It looks like these will be part of the big summer rock festivals in 2016 and take in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK.  But he has told one reporter that he doesn’t rule out more shows if these go well.
The first date to be announced officially is the Monsters of Rock Festival in Bietigheim, Germany at the Viadukt (the site is right next to an impressive stone viaduct) on June 18th. Tickets will go on sale on the 6th November.  Prognosticators are suggesting Download in the UK and Sweden Rocks may be likely events for the “tour”.
Still at least doing festivals ends any personal inner torment about whether to go or not, I’m certainly not sitting in a muddy field all day being deafened by musicians I have absolutely no interest in for anyone!  The concerts will be filmed so this sounds like a better option.
Names of the other musicians are still on hold, though Ritchie has admitted an older idea was to cut a studio album using a number of different guest singers.  This has been dropped.
Throughout it all Ritchie is clearly at pains to stress this is an adjunct to Blackmore’s Night.  I’m not sure he need worry, they have a dedicated audience and I’m sure they’ll still be there when the rock shows are over.

We must be in…

October 12, 2015

Rainbow transport Blackmore logo

“The owner of this transport van MUST be a Blackmore fan!”  says Dave Binnie, you you have to agree.  Just enough of a difference in the logo to avoid the copyright issues, but it wasn’t spotted in Kansas, rather Ontario, Canada.
Talking of Blackmore, we’re always fascinated to hear about Ritchie’s pre-Purple days, and have been in touch with a guy who played in a support band to Neil Christian on one occasion. Steve Clare managed to get him to jot down his recollections of what turned out to be an inspiring evening:  “Better than Clapton, better than Hendrix… ”  It even moved the Force Five guitarist to write a letter raving about the man to Beat Instrumental, which he saved and scanned for us. Read this fascinating story on our Darker Than Blue history section.

The Black Sun went down

October 5, 2015

Deep Purple Roger Glover Guildford 1969

Don’t get too excited when we say this is a newly discovered clip of Deep Purple Mk 2, as it is very very short, silent, monochrome and blurry.  But it is always tantilising to see early scenes of this line-up live, just a few weeks after the Royal Albert Hall do.
It’s part of a short 16mm film made to record events at the University of Surrey’s Rag Week, which includes fund raising goodies such as a Mile Of Pennies, girls in bikinis jumping in buckets of water for money (and they reckon the ice bucket challenge was new!), and then on to the week’s big concert on November 28th in Guildford, Deep Purple, supported by Bridget St John, Horse and Quintessence, with the Black Sun Light Show.  Tickets 16/- (or a quid on the door).
The Uni archivists say the soundtrack has been lost and needless to say any unused footage is missing.
Thanks to Dave Browne for spotting it.


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