The swop shop on our website has become a bit hard to moderate so we’re moving it to here.  Same rules; advertise anything you want to sell or are looking for which relates to Deep Purple, spare tour tickets (no touting, just face value), etc.  Just send the advert as a comment and I’ll stick it up here for a while (or until you ask for it to be removed).  We’ll only accept adverts from people with a proper name and address. We can accept no responsibility for transactions so take the usual precautions when buying and selling.

Offers for any or all of the following collected while I lived in New Zealand : A 1985 Japanese Deep Purple tour programme. Stargazer #28,#26,#21,#15,#16,#19,#20,#23, Darker than blue #29, Enfer#20-Blackmore cover 1985(french), Kerrang #163,#14,#137,#44,#6,#22,#60,#81,#30, Guitar april 1999- 5 page blackmore article, Classic Rock nov 2004 major dp article, Sounds fan library deep purple issue #7, Guitar Player september 1978 – Blackmore cover, Metal Fury #10- coverdale poster, Metal Hammer #12 blackmore cover, Various articles DP and related, 59 pages. James Farmer, USA. email – thezepheadz at

Wanted both WARHORSE LP’s : Warhorse and Red Sea – UK copies on the spiral Vertigo label.
Cash paid by long term fan on a budget (so sorry I can’t afford book prices).
Also other Vertigo LP’s wanted.


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