Mozambique Machine Head LP

Mozambique label Machine Head.jpg

This unusual pressing of Machine Head originated in Mozambique. Although Deep Purple vinyl editions from South Africa are known, those from other African countries are less common. Mozambique was going through a long war of independence at the time but was still a Portugese colony, so there must have been enough people there interested in Western rock music to justify a pressing, although I’ve no idea how many would be made. The label carries the usual Purple label design, with Portugese credits around the label edge., and a credit to Somodiscos for the license, and no mention of EMI. Somodiscos was a local recording company who promoted local musicians as well. And if that wasn’t enough, there is an alternate label design out there with different typography. I haven’t got a good scan of this but you can just about make it out on the image below. Do let me know if you have a better scan. The sleeve itself is identical to the U.K. cover, right down to the small print, so perhaps they just didn’t bother to change it for this edition. Thanks to Pericle Formenti for the scan.

Mozambique Machine Head alternate label.jpg

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