Hanwell shout out

Deep Purple Hanwell 1969

As fans will know, Hanwell Community Centre was the place where Mk 2 first came together (see above), where they rehearsed their new live set and wrote much of `Deep Purple In Rock`. DTB has an article in its A-Z guidebook section on the website, which tells what is known about the building and Mk 2’s time there in mid 1969. We would like to ask fans if they have (or heard) any other stories about the band’s time in Hanwell. In the liner notes for the remastered version of `In Rock` Dave Pring told a little of his story as a roadie for the band at Hanwell (Dave please get in touch to tell us more if you can). We would like to hear more stories like this, or anything else you may know. Did you Dad or Grandad work there as a caretaker in the late 60s and bang on the door to tell Blackmore his missus was on the phone? Did your Mum or Gran push a tea-trolley round to sell Typhoo to The Who? It is a very long time ago (then again look at the information that has only just come out on the recording of `Who Do We Think We Are`), but we hope that someone out there will have something to add to what is probably the single most historic period of the band. If you want to add a story just leave a brief comment here and we will email you back.

This story was destined for the Hanwell Gazette but they then didn’t return emails or calls, so we’ll put it up here instead. Below; The Who waiting for a tea-break.

The Who Hanwell 1969

8 Responses to “Hanwell shout out”

  1. Brian Says:

    Played basketball here and listened to Deep Purple practising, I went to Selbourne School 1969-1974

  2. Cox John Says:

    I lived in Homefarm Road and could hear all the groups practising from my bedroom window…!

  3. Scott W. Says:

    Further on Jeff’s comments, I am dumbfounded by the fact that there has not been ONE photograph of DP’s 1970 Hollywood Bowl Concerto performance, let alone a bootleg! What gives?

  4. clive bindley Says:

    What’s this information about Who Do We Think We Are?
    I haven’t heard anything about that.

  5. Jeff/Over the hIll Says:

    Interesting photo! I always wondered if anyone had thought of trying to track down a member from the “Concerto for group and Orchestra” and asking them about the process. -That would be neat too.

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