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THIS PAGE IS ARCHIVED and covers news from 2013.

August 2013 • David Coverdale guests on a re-recording of Trouble on Bernie Marsden’s new solo album due out later this year. Apparently it was supposed to be a sort of acoustic rendition, but DC’s vocal was so powerful Bernie went away and revamped the backing to suit.  Ian Paice also guests on the album, as does Joe Bonamassa.  But then it’s his label!

Review of a late July US show + set list on the site.

July 6 • The London premier of Discoverdale took place today. You can read more about the film and see trailers at the official website: http://www.discoverdale.com/

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May 23 • Whitesnake’s new double live album Made In Britain/The World Record is due out on 8th July. The 2-disc live. We’re told they recorded every date on the Forevermore World Tour 2011! The production team had the task of listening back to over 90 shows and this set is culled from 9 in the UK, disc two from the rest of the world.
CD 1 MADE IN BRITAIN – Best Years / Give Me All Your Love Tonight / Love Ain’t No Stranger / Is This Love / Steal Your Heart Away / Forevermore / Love Will Set You Free / My Evil Ways / Fare Thee Well / Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City / Fool For Your Loving / Here I Go Again / Still Of The Night
CD 2 THE WORLD RECORD – Bad Boys / Slide It In / Lay Down Your Love / Pistols At Dawn / Snake Dance / Can You Hear The Wind Blow / Fare Thee Well / One Of These Days / The Badger / Deeper The Love / Soldier Of Fortune / Burn-Stormbringer.
It can be pre-ordered at DTB Online shop. If you want you can read the label’s official press release in full here, along with some live photos.
Whitesnake Little Box Of SnakesApril 8 2013 • Whitesnake’s UK shows are upon us so here come EMI with a rejigged Box Of Snakes set; it’s the original Box Of Snakes material MINUS all the rarities and book, packaged in a CD size slipcase and retitled Littrle Box Of Snakes! 8 CDs, including the facsimile Snakebite EP. Released May 2013. Not much for the hard-core fan but it’s quite a reasonable price as a catch up if you need such a thing. Pre-order at the DTB Online Store

March 21 2013 • Following the upcoming Made In Japan live release (see below), Whitesnake have planned another THREE releases during 2013 in what is one of the busiest schedules of any DP musician. Next up will be a second live album culled from shows in the UK and titled Made In Britain, then a third live set from the rest of the world, titled – well you don’t need me to say.  Towards the end of the year is a super deluxe edition of Forevermore, with extra tracks and other goodies to be announced.  More details on all these to follow. 

Feb 12th 2013 • Whitesnake are releasing a live album called Made In Japan scheduled for Europe via Frontiers. It was recorded at Loud Park 11 festival at Saitama Super Arena in Japan in 2011. Released in Japan on April 3. no European release information is available to us yet. Track listing for the 2CD set is: [DISC 1] 01. Best Years 02. Give Me All Your Love Tonight 03. Love Ain’t No Stranger 04. Is This Love 05. Steal Your Heart Away 06. Forevermore 07. Six Strings Showdown 08. Love Will Set You Free 09. Drum Solo 10. Fool For Your Loving 11. Here I Go Again 12. Still Of The Night
[DISC 2] (Sound Check / Demo) 01. Love Will Set Your Free 02. Steal Your Heart Away 03. Lay Down Your Love 04. Fare Thee Well (Acoustic Version) 05. One Of These Days (Acoustic Version) 06. Good To Be Bad (Acoustic Version) 07. Tell Me How (Acoustic Version) 08. Evil Ways 09. Best Years * 10. The Badger (Demo Session) * = tracks for Japan only. The show also comes out on DVD or Blue Ray + 2CD, or stand alone DVD or Blu Ray. Thanks to Tim Summers, who found the info on Doug Aldrich’s website. Once we have UK release information we’ll let you know. Meanwhile here’s the cover in full:

whitesnake made in japan


Jan 30th • Whitesnake are doing a tour of Japan in early May 2013, just prior to the UK dates (below). They then do more shows in Europe.

Dec 3rd • David Coverdale has been interviewed about his Whitesnake Wines for a documentary, A Passion for the Vine  http://www.apassionforthevine.com/.   The website has the film’s trailer, more about the movie, photos and trivia. Thanks to Niki Scioli

Nov 12 / 2012 • Whitesnake have announced a nine date tour of the UK in May 2013, though we’re not sure if it’s a co-headliner with Journey, or if Whitesnake are supporting as seems to be the case (certainly a bit puzzling if so). Either way, Thunder are opening the evening. Tickets are £45 plus any fees and on sale now. Thanks to Mark Jones and Matthew Kean for the info.

Saturday 18th Glasgow SECC
Monday 20th Motorpoint Arena Sheffield
Wednesday 22nd Metro Radio Arena Newcastle
Thursday 23rd Manchester Arena
Saturday 25th Capital FM Arena Nottingham
Sunday 26th Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
Tuesday 28th LG Arena Birmingham
Wednesday 29th Wembley Arena London

October 10 / 2012 • The spoof documentary film about an Irish band called Dead Cat Bounce who believe that their lead singer’s father is David Coverdale is just about ready for previews. It’s a “fun-loving homage to the Whitesnake legend” and DC has taken it in good spirit and helped the producers out and makes a cameo performance in the film. The title of the film will be Discoverdale! More details of trailers and previews soon.

September 12 / 2012

WHITESNAKE • Bored with your network and cable TV? Then you’ll be pleased that there’s a new TV channel devoted just to Whitesnake. If you thought that was already available (what else is Dave TV?), get yourself over to his Lordship’s website for details. Coverdale is working on both DVD and CD editions of a new live release, recorded on the band’s last world tour.

EMI called to say three more vinyl reissues of Whitesnake albums are on the way; 1987, Slip Of The Tongue and Slide It In. They’re all in gatefolds and use the remastered audio which has never been issued on vinyl before. There are a few extras; Slide has the non album b-side; and 1987 has a couple of non album alternate versions. Each one is presented in coloured vinyl – white, marble and red respectively.

24 Responses to “David Coverdale”

  1. max Says:

    If you are into DCs early work, try this… it`s fun…

  2. frodster Says:

    Planty carved out some well respected solo albums. Couldn’t expect DC to catch him up RP in that respect but not running with the progress DC made on ‘Into The Light’ was artistically lacking in the back bone department, though the record co was probably reluctant to promote DC ‘out of the box’. I suppose a tour of Scout Huts though would surely have been a true ‘coming home experience’…

  3. Bill Pierce Says:

    Hello Simon, it’s been a while since I’ve interacted with you! I think it’s good news that Aldridge is back in the Drum Chair again (good fit). Also looking forward to the new GTBB and Forevermore live DVD, in the near future.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Bill – not sure which poster you asked about, can you clarify for me? If it’s the blog header, I can’t find the original artwork files anywhere right now…

  4. Gerard Alberts Says:

    Looking forward to the remasters, Into the Light and Restless Heart are the best Coverdale albums!

  5. Ronnie Bellamy Says:

    I wish the first 6 or 7 of Whitesnake remasters could be done again as there is hardly any bottom end and sound a little ‘toppy’. Moreover, I’d love to have the complete UK remaster of ‘Slide It In’. There must be a number of gigs that feature Jon and Ian somewhere, get them released David as they were the band’s golden years creatively.

  6. Nigel Says:

    The missing date from the “nine date tour” is:
    Thursday, 16 May, Odyssey Arena, Belfast
    Though Thunder were not originally booked for Belfast, it is now Journey + Whitesnake + Thunder.

  7. Nigel Says:

    I asked Live Nation a few days ago, they said:
    “Yep, the running order is as follows: Thunder, Whitesnake, Journey”

    • simon robinson Says:

      And anyone booking tickets early, puzzled as the why they couldn’t get nearer the front, those seats have now apparently been put on sale for three figures as part of a package deal…

  8. overthehill Says:

    I agree, I would love to see that pro-shot footage of Whitesnake at Donnington 83. Wasn’t it called “Commandos” or something? (With Cozy on drums). That would be an incredible DVD.

    • max Says:

      I ordered the Donnington Show on DVD here in Germany via Amazon… It might not be official but it sure is good enough for me as it was a tv-show or something. Bought it on video back then as well…

  9. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Ahem. You forgot one. They play Belfast on the 17th. And if I’m not mistaken we are still part of the UK! Don’t worry, I’ll let you know the running order…

  10. Bo Says:

    Why not a remastered DVD/Blu Ray of Donnington with Lord & Powell. Great times!

  11. Bo Says:

    I would love to hear the real Whitesnake albums remastered. All of them – from the first after the Purple split, and ending before the 1987 album. Those years HE was THE singer. Sadly those days are long gone.

  12. David Says:

    Best record ever “Coverdale/Page !”

  13. max Says:

    Michiel, I agree: a proper remaster of WHITESNAKE would be a treat! I treasure the man’s first album to this day.

  14. Michiel Says:

    How about a proper remix of ‘White Snake’? Not an easy task, as it is nothing more than a demo (as DC told me personally), but worth the effort, as the songs are BRILLIANT. Remember, part of it was written for a second DP Mark IV album.

  15. Michiel Says:

    I’ve always loved ‘Slide It In’.

  16. Ian Douglas Says:

    Yes I agree this is great news and long overdue – these two albums are among David’s best (of any band/line-up).

  17. Rasmus Heide Says:

    Thanks for the EMI news. Into The Light is Coverdale’s most underrated, overlooked and introspective album. A shame it never got off the ground and put him in a forward motion with a proper solo career – instead he was soon enough back with the rather optimistic WS circus. Looking forward to the remaster!

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