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Sept 20 2013 • A special edition of Now What with a bonus live set from the summer tour is due out in November [update – shipped early December]. Full details here.

Unable to decided exactly which version of the album art to use, the band ask their manager to decide...

Unable to decided exactly which version of the album art to use, the band ask their manager to decide…

September 2013 •  Roger Glover, quoted in the latest Bass Player magazine, is saying that Purple would be in the US “early next year.”

August 2013 • “Purple were great in Montreux… rejuvenated, especially Gillan. Four new songs, some different older material, new solos and no Highway Star, which I can only think must be the first time since 1971?” Says Rudi O’Keefe, adding that hotels have now started doubling or trebling room prices during the event, something which didn’t happen (wonder if Claude had anything to do with stopping that?). One to watch for if you plans a trip there.

August 2013 • Purple debuted Uncommon Man in Colmar, which brings the total number of songs from NW?! played live to six – All the Time in the World, Hell to Pay, Body Line, Vincent Price, Above & Beyond (with pics of Jon on the big screens, at Wacken at least) and now Uncommon Man.  They seemed to have settled on something like a maximum of 4 new number in any one show. As Tim Summers says, maybe they really have rehearsed the entire new album!

The show at the festival in Wacken in August was filmed, with chunks available to watch online courtesy of the TV company, but the full set will be released on DVD later with their full set. And in 3D apparently!  I’m waiting for the Supermarionation version…

June 2013 • Vincent Price, All the Time and Body Line are the first of the new album songs to appear in the set, at the show in Morrocco on May 30. They have also rehearsed a fourth to try out any day.

Band will play in Mâcon (between Dijon and Lyon), France on December 7th
Thanks to Daniel Andriot.

DP have also done a great lounge version (or ‘tres jazz’) of Smoke on French TV, here’s the link. You can skip to 5.40 if you don’t understand the preamble! Thanks to Tim Summers.

Berne pre-Christmas concert

Australian and New Zealand, Italian 2013 dates announced.

Russian rehearsals October 2012

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