Marco de Goeij

Marco de Goeij is the guy who single-handedly transcribed the Concerto For Group & Orchestra back in the late 1990s, enabling Jon and the group to restage the work. We published an article on this work in Darker Than Blue at the time.
Marco has finished a new work, Intrada. It was composed in May 2007 especially for the opening ceremony of the restored ‘Van Cappellenhuis’ building. Dating from 1897 it was neglected for some years but in 1999 plans were made to restore it and after a major renovation part of the building is now in use as a small concert hall.
On September 8th 2007 the opening of the restored building took place and because of the importance of the building, the ceremony was carried out by (at that time) Dutch Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende. Intrada was played as part of the ceremony directly before the actual opening. Because the piece was written especially for the occassion, it had to be festive, and title explains itself. The piece is in three sections.  Since the first performance, the piece is, due to its character, mostly used as a recital opener. It is a demanding work, especially for the trumpet.
At the moment Marco is writing a new piece for the same combination (trumpet/horn/trombone) which will be performed on March 31st 2012. In the United States the genre ‘brass trio’ is very popular and Marco has received a lot of positive reaction from composers there.
There is a clip of the work on YouTube.

continuous brass intrada marco de goeij

Continous Brass, who performed the work Intrada

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  1. Michiel Blijboom Says:

    Related to [former Chelsea goalkeeper] Ed de Goeij?
    If it’s the guy on the left, he certainly is!

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