Don Airey

June 25 • Don Airey is playing a Deep Purple retro set with the band Perfect Strangers at a free concert in Italy, August 21 at 18.00 pm a concert + special guests. Venue – Piazza XX Settembre Civitanova Marche (MC) Italy. Thanks to Marco Casoni.

civitanova IN ROCK 21 agosto

AUG 1 • Don is playing a show in Vienna on September 21st 2012, a double header with Nick Simper’s Nasty Habits. Here’s the poster!

nick simper and don airey live in vienna

3 Responses to “Don Airey”

  1. Gerhard Says:

    Absolutly great news!!! I´m so glad to see them booth the same night. Really hope they do a song together, would be “Hush” I guess. Just imagine, the latest DP family member playing together with one of the band´s founding members, and that after 44 years since DP started! This night will be a historical night and a great meet again with friends from Germany, Italy, Poland,… See you soon!


  2. Ian Douglas Says:

    Long live the music of Deep Purple Mk 1! Judging from the cd I have of Nasty Habits the renditions are well worth it too – not just a formulaic copy but played with gusto and spirit. I wish there were more instances of members of the various line-ups getting together – there is too much great heritage that should be heard these days too!

  3. Neil Cutler Says:

    Blackmore’s son in Over the Rainbow, Ian Paice playing with tribute bands, Don Airey with Nick Simper?? Whatever next…come on guys.

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