Guitar for sale

Got £25K to spare? No me neither. But if you did you might like to know that a 1968 Gibson SG owned by Ritchie Blackmore is currently up for auction (or at the buy it now price of £25K) by a company called Electro Funken on ebay. It was bought by the vendor from Christies in 2004. They (Electro Funken, not Christies) describe it as “an outrageous piece of rock-n-roll history”, which apart from the price is total cobblers. We’ve no reason to doubt the provenence mind, except that as a guitar Ritchie didn’t use it very much. It was first put up for sale by Babs Blackmore back in September 1995, when she also sold the much more interesting Gibson 335 which is currently in private hands in America.

Blackmore guitar case
In true saddo fashion I actually think the flight case is more of an item, as it still has the DP stencil and a load of very battered flight label tags on.
And talking of the old Gibson (which also had the original case!), Brent Dehn tells us that the auction page for this guitar is still up on the Christies site, where they keep track of everything sold over the last few years (you can see these files on this site by clicking here), enabling you to watch your investments as they change hands over the years. The 335 fetched just under £16k last time it was sold there. The SG went for just over £5K last time, so the seller is looking for a £20K mark up in five years. Be interesting to see if anyone thinks it’s worth that much.

Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen, Brent Dehn

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  1. A SERRA Says:

    Hey Is this guitar case for sale? Pretty cool!

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