Hurtling round Britain

The UK tour seems to have started very well. Tim Summers was one of many who went down for the O2Arena event in London (stopping off to offer his services at No. 10 en route):

“Really enjoyed the Purple gig. The sound was easily the best I’ve heard at a DP gig – possibly at any gig ever. Major kudos to the sound guy – everything louder than everything else, but not at the expense of anything else. All clear as a bell too, even Rog’s bass work.
One big highlight was When a Blind Man Cries. I’ve seen this song done numerous times, but IG was just incredible, he really sang his heart out. Grown men in the audience were wiping away tears (I’m not kidding).
Simon McBride seems to be finding his feet and spreading his wings a little bit now. His extended intro to Uncommon Man was great, it started off in the familiar way and then went all Gary Moore extended-notesy. Sounded really nice.
The familiarity between Don and Simon showed, there was a Speed King style guitar/keyboard joust halfway through Hush. Don had a keyboard malfunction at the end of his pre-Perfect Strangers solo, causing a returning-to-the-stage Ian Paice to lean into his keyboard and give him ‘the look’. Don looked suitably abashed.
Even Smoke sounded quite exciting again, the introduction of a new banjo player having switched things up a bit (or made them sound a bit different, at least).”

Dave Browne travelled, up in his case: “It was a show that reminded me just why Deep Purple have been my favourite band for over 40 years. The sound was superb, every instrument clear. I recognised Northern Irish boxer Barry McGuigan in the audience. Lovely fellow, happy to chat and I got a handshake and a fist-bump (he was there as a guest of Simon McBride).
I appreciated Steve Morse’s contribution to the Ezrin-era studio albums, but McBride seems way more suitable for the live performances. He was having a ball, and it really came across. Most enjoyable Purple show since… maybe the 1996 Purpendicular tour.”

It looks like there may be a tour DVD. There were a few cameras getting bits and bobs at London, but Glasgow was set to be filmed in full. The band have based themselves in Manchester for the tour as it makes more sense logistically, plus it’s handy for the Tib Street chippie.


7 Responses to “Hurtling round Britain”

  1. john perfect Says:

    Excellent nights in Birmingham and Leeds, the boys seem to have a new vitality , all played so well, the sound was immense and so clear.

  2. Kenneth Welsh Says:

    Was at Glasgow last night
    Best sound I’ve heard in years
    My highlights were Blind Man and Lazy.
    Can confirm the cameras shown on three screens behind band
    Finally, where did they find Simon McBride. Wow

  3. Finn P. Says:

    So true. With the man on guitar the sound is a bit more like the old Purple, and by far the best since RB left.

  4. Simon Foster Says:

    A really fantastic gig. I thought everyone was on fine form and it was a great Machine-Head dominated set.
    Simon McBride is a great find and I agree, he’s not replacing anyone; he’s adding his own personal stamp onto the songs. I found his playing both energetic and exiting – breathing new life into some classic songs. Gillan’s voice was fantastic and he can sing (sorry Ritchie), he struggled a bit with the top notes but it didn’t spoil anything. Great gig. Hope they can do a studio album I suspect it might be a classic.

  5. Arthur Smith Says:

    Yes I was at the London gig too, I’d kind of given up on them live and hadn’t seen them in many years. Only bought the ticket recently having seen clips of them with Simon and, with no disrespect to Steve Morse, he really has kicked them up a few gears. His sound seems more suited to Purple while keeping his own style. I’ll always quietly wish Ritchie was still there but this was really great and the sound was indeed excellent.

  6. Mr Richard Blackburn Says:

    I was at the gig and I must agree best I’ve seen since 1973. McBride really fits in well and yes he does look as though he enjoying every minute.

  7. Steve Symonds Says:

    Have to agree, the sound was awesome. By far the best sound ever in a large arena. Simon Mcbride was a perfect fit and sounded more like Ritchie than Steve. If I had to nitpick it would only be that BOC’s set could have been longer and their sound was a bit muddy. Overall a fantastic night out.

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