Meet you in the foyer

Hotel foyers are the traditional place to meet up when you’re staying in one.  However, you never really expect to bump into Roger Glover, and if you do it wouldn’t normally be in the foyer of the Grand Hotel in Montreux…  nevertheless here we are.  It’s a long story and as you might expect there was a little more to this than mere chance, and we will file a full report in a couple of days when we’ve had time to take it all in.

Roger Glover and Simon Robinson in the Grand Hotel Montreux

To put the location in context, this room is where Ritchie disappeared to from time to time to record some of his guitar work on the album (the black bag marks the spot).

I notice sandals are clearly back in fashion too. I have been asked by the owner to explain that this building is not accessible at any time except to residents.




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26 Responses to “Meet you in the foyer”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    this was a Bernie Marsden look a like do?

  2. Danny Fox Says:

    Excellent report, can’t wait for the book Simon. Must have been fascinating to talk to Roger within the very rooms and corridors. Out of interest, did Purple actually sleep there during the recordings or somewhere local?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks Danny. No, the band stayed at the Eden Hotel, close to the Casino. The Grand shut down for the winter each year, and the heating was turned off. They still have the original steam powered radiator system in there to this day…

  3. gareth Says:

    sandals are so rock and roll…

  4. Leslie Hedger Says:

    Did anybody turn up with a Flare Gun?

  5. Ross wallace Says:

    Ok great, but who’s the guy ( dark cap ) next to Bernie Marsden?

  6. Marcin Zalewski Says:

    Hi Simon, you made it to the Swiss news!
    Pity I didn’t spot you in the crowd at the concert – I would have said hi. Good show, by the way – so much better than Ritchie’s Rainbow (I was at the first one in Lorelei).
    Looking forward to the Machine Head book very much!

    • simon robinson Says:

      It was such a big crowd though Marcin, I think the venue takes 4,000 or so, and it was sold out!

  7. John Blackburn Says:

    A very coordinated look all round. I will look forward to the super-anorak report.

  8. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    I hope you took a photos of the actual legendary corridor where the magic of 45 years took place!? (I’m sure Roger had some “pull” or “influence” in making this happen!?)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed; we waited until everyone had left and then put the cameras on chair backs for long-exposures. There is almost no proper lighting in the communal areas.

  9. Kevin Says:

    Minor point but sandals NEVER were and NEVER will be in fashion!

  10. jean-paul marquis Says:

    Hi Simon…Thank you for your invitation!

  11. Leftin Says:

    It may have been empty, cold and bare in December ’71. Today it just looks nice and cool! Lovely building. Thanks.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It was nearly 40 degrees outside on the day, but inside it was really nice, so we stayed as long as we could!

      • Leftin Says:

        40! We’re struggling with 25 today. Sobering.

      • Scott Wood Says:

        I will trade you guys…Here in Northern California it has been over 100 degrees for a month now! 106 to 108 for a few days in a row. Fu*%king sickening. You can only take so many clothes off, you guys can always bundle up!
        To quote UFO and to go with your picture: “It was too, too hot, too hot for sandals”!

  12. Gerd Hanke Says:

    Hi Simon, did somebody mention you nowadays look a bit like Purple’s tourmanager from way back in the mid-seventies? Seeing your picture with Roger my first thought was “what is Ossy Hoppe doing in Montreux?”! Gerd

  13. davidstoddard55deeppurple6 Says:

    Nice photo, it’s an awesome room isn’t it, wish I’d taken more photos in there. I didn’t run into the owner but I remember getting the death stare from the concierge. His Mrs. was ok with me, along with a resident who was interested in the goings on back in 71, but I could tell he was wanting me to clear off….

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think they are a bit paranoid about 100s of fans turning up, and with flats going for up to a million francs in the block, some of the residents may be a bit sniffy, but those we met were all fascinated. Maybe we should crowd fund the purchase of an apartment for people to stay in! There’s one up now, 850K Swiss francs.

  14. Mike Galway Says:

    Two “stinking hippies”

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