Big fish, little fish, BOX

Well, a busy end to 2016 and 2017 hits the ground running. Infinite (the new LP, see below for a catch up) editions have sort of been winkled out of various European sites, and the album will come in the now familiar slightly confusing array of formats, all due in April 2017. As best people can work it out (things may change) this consists of:

1. CD
2. CD & DVD
3. Double Vinyl & DVD
4. “Small fan box”
5. “Large fan box”

I’m not sure it’s right to be getting sizeist towards fans but still! Seriously, the fan-box includes the 2LP, CD, DVD, plus three 10″ singles and a t-shirt. It looks to be retailing around £50 so would seem to be a sensible choice, though it is limited. I’m not sure what the small box has in.
In the meantime the first single track listing has been announced as well; Time For Bedlam (lead track) / Paradise Bar / Uncommon Man inst. / Hip Boots Ian Paice rehearsal vsn.
We do not know if there will be the usual Japan only edition. Big thanks to Tim Summers and Mark Maddock for drilling down into the details.
Indeed thanks to everyone for their help and support during last year, and all the best for what looks set to be an interesting New Year DP wise.

9 Responses to “Big fish, little fish, BOX”

  1. David Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Just been digesting the Time For Bedlam EP for a couple of days, and must say that it really works as a teaser for the forthcoming album. Having really enjoyed (most of) Now What?! I can hardly wait.

    ‘Time For Bedlam’ is good, with a great backing track. Not very immediate, but a grower. Deep Purple are a very insidious band, and bits of this track are constantly drilling away inside my head. Currently the instrumental mid-section. i am not complaining.

    ‘Paradise Bar’ is quite Purpendicular – with another of Ian Gillan’s speak / sung story-telling verses that he seems so keen on. Still, much better than Now What?!’s extra tracks. It does sound like whoever thought up the riff had just been listening to Genesis ‘Turn it on Again’.

    ‘Uncommon Man’. Very enjoyable to hear this backing track – I don’t see ‘instrumental’ as an accurate description. (I bet – ohhh – £1, that ‘Time for Bedlam’ eventually surfaces as an ‘instrumental’).

    ‘Hip Boots’ rehearsal. Almost heavy jazz-rock without the vocals. (Think Alphonse Mouzon ‘Snowblind’) Great to hear a bit of studio chat before and after. They admit it’s full of mistakes, but I can’t discern any, and it shows what wonderful musicians they all are.

    Roll on the album, or at least roll on the next single: “All I Got Is You” in March…


  2. Bruce Says:

    Quote: “I’m not sure what the small box has in” ??
    Oh come on please!
    Only a few clicks away on DPs own website.
    Here it is:
    JPC only Box:

    All’s well??

  3. R2-Pine Says:

    Just find out there is 1 more version. The German website has their own exclusive version of 2LP,DVD and 7″single. Also new 12″ maxi and cd single coming out 10th of March carryin name “All I Got Is You”.
    I’m thinking to cancel my preordered “Large fan box” and wait for “ULTIMATE SUPER FAN BOX”!

  4. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    I have also thought And the Address is and was a great start to Purpality! (a condition sufferable by the many and recognised by few)

  5. Leslie Hedger Says:

    Here’s some interesting news. Since this is DP’s last tour, they will celebrate the 50th anniversary by opening the show with “And the Address” and closing with extended versions of either “Space Truckin” or “Mandrake Root”!! Oops, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean news, I meant wishful thinking.

  6. Neil Cutler Says:

    Hard to justify this ‘infinite’ array of formats, small fans, large fans, vinyl, dvd etc if in the end the music isn’t up to it. Really really hope that Deep Purple bow out with the great album we’re always hoping for, rather than an album with just one or two great moments, which has been par for the course over the last years.

  7. Er...Mike Says:

    Can I have some interesting news Please?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well, we just found out that the Montreux fire-brigade were sat around one lunchtime and talk turned to ‘what is the worst call out you could imagine?’ The consensus was that a fire at the Casino was the one none of them fancied. And then a couple of hours later the phone rang…

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