Overdoing it…

Glenn Hughes had to cut short his show in Christchurch last night according to a report in the New Zealand Herald.  He’d been suffering with a cold and was about an hour into the concert when he felt too poorly to continue, and was attended by medical personnel. Hopefully he just needs a break what with the stress of the tour and the travel.  Thanks to Mark Maddock for the heads up.


3 Responses to “Overdoing it…”

  1. res Says:

    We went to the Wellington concert the day after. Glen was being prompted continually to stay hydrated thru the concert. The local ambulance mob (St John) were also in attendance.

    He blamed his condition on the excellent coffee NZ offers but I think the schedule was a more likely cause.

    Glen struggled to get a big crowd, no wonder the “Glen plays Cream” tour (see interview on “13th Floor” website) was canned in favour of “Glen Plays Deep Purple”. Even then it was not a sell-out.

    The concert was great with its focus on DP songs Glen Hughes co-wrote. While I enjoyed hearing songs I would never otherwise hear unless Ian G has some sort of fit, the crowd needed to be sated in the encores with Smoke and Highway Star.

    Ironic that new Black Country Reunion album was released about this time!

  2. Roel Glas Says:

    Perhaps his tour schedule had something to do with it. Very strange order, i.e. Sydney then to the other side of the country to Perth, then a long flight to NZ, then back to Oz for another 2 dates & then back to NZ.
    Perhaps his Manager needs the frequent flyer points!!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Cannot have helped, but Glenn says he was suffering from a cold and dehydrated. Seems fine again now.

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