At the risk of turning into a GH fan site, thanks to Roel Glas in Australia, here’s the A4 flyer put together to publicise the Glenn Hughes Deep Purple tour. We’ve also learned that Glenn “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee” Hughes (as Guitar World insist on calling him!) and his compadre Chad Smith are forming two noisy thirds of Joe Satriani’s power trio backing for Joe’s new album (his 16th) What Happens Next, due out in January (CD / LP). There is a very miserly clip on Joe’s website. I guess this needs to go in the discography as a GH session, though that hardly seems to do it justice. Thanks to Tim Summers; Tim says there have been rumours of Glenn being in a band with Joe for some time but Joe’s next tour is a G3 set in the U.S. with no mention of Glenn.

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4 Responses to “Flyer”

  1. Alberto Zaragoza Says:

    In an interview Glenn says: “Next year, i’m travelling and touring with a very famous guitarist . It’s contractual that I can’t speak about it, but it’s gonna be fantastic!”


  2. Neil Davies Says:

    Hello Ann and Simon, The aRadio 4x comedy / sitcom, Mr Muzak, had the main protagonist, a piano player in an Italian restaurant, play SOTW on piano, obviously! He’s no Jon. God rest. Cheers Neil Davies.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I heard a clip from Builders Radio the other day, “we play the music others won’t” (in a gruff manly builders sort of voice), then off into Child In Time! I have had a look for the station but cannot find it…

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