Whitesnake – The Purple Album

Whitesnake The Purple albumAnd lo…  a Whitesnake 2015 (David Coverdale on vocals, Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra on guitars, Michael Devin on bass and Tommy Aldridge on drums) romp through 15 golden oldies from Mk 3 and Mk 4, entitled The Purple Album in May.
It’s hard not to imagine this was inspired by his talks with Blackmore last year, and it will certainly keep the internet chatterboards going for some time. And while the reaction in our in-tray today to the teaser video for Stormbringer has been largely negative, perversely I quite liked it.  Fairly grungy approach, and I think the vocal register worked in that context.  I’d rather this than a half hearted recreation of the original, and it has more life than Gillan’s lacklustre covers album (Gillan’s Inn) of a few years back.  For me the last few Whitesnake originals have been largely treading water, and at least here we get some strong material.  Mind you, I’d get the guitarist to lay off the beans before they hit the road if the vid is anything to go by!
With it still being strongly rumoured that Ritchie is pursuing what is now a Purple Rainbows approach on stage sometime this summer (in between Blackmore’s Night gigs) it’ll be interesting to see who wins the battle of the monster tributes.  The sad thing is that if you’d put Blackmore into this new album, it would have been properly explosive and we’d all be wetting our trousers today.
Pre-order details, track lists and formats to follow.
Thanks to Tom Dixon and Tim Summers.

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30 Responses to “Whitesnake – The Purple Album”

  1. grannypants Says:

    Saw them May 31st in Vancouver. Was an awesome show (except for 2 bits of sound issues). Wife and I were in the front row right in front of Reb Beach. The band were on fire, and the crowd was very into it. Well worth the coin, go see the snake if you can on this tour.

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Purple Album is HUGELY enjoyable! Best most fun release from the Purple family in years! In particular I love Sail Away a different but interesting arrangement; Mistreated; Love Child the list goes on! Thanks DC for your enormous contribution to DP and since!!!

  3. Johan Says:

    The whole album sounds good to me..but I can do without. Most of the Purple songs sounds a bit too much like Whitesnake. Don’t get me wrong here, there’s nothing wrong with Whitesnake, but I grew up with the original stuff. And as always, the originals are the best.

  4. Mac Says:

    The new Stormbringer sounds Great,
    its a shame that the biggest online shop in the Netherlands will sell this album (1 cd) for € 52,90 (us$ 57,-)

  5. Pat Barry Says:

    Without the video it sounds like Metallica or someone like that. Then again when I heard “Fool for your Loving” from Whitesnake Made in Japan on the radio I thought the same. There is a “swing” to those Purple songs, particularly the Mk III numbers that is sorely missing – probably down to Paicey. Looks like DC is trying too hard and his voice is more growly – needs to lay back a little and give the song a bit or air to breathe.

    To be honest I haven’t seen Whitesnake live since Mickey Moody was in the band because I didn’t fancy the new sound. Will check it out on release but initial impression is not good.

    • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

      I was listening to my favourite DP-Tribute album “Deep Purple NY” by TM Stevens (with assorted guests) – features interesting arrangements and great performances! Yes and I include at the top of the list Joe Lynn Turner who does some tracks! Burn is probably the best of the lot but Stormbringer pretty good! I recommend this album to any fans. The thing is with Tributes the (imaginative or not) arrangements are the key – if it is just a run-through copy then there is no point – a good tribute enhances enjoyment of the original too. For me of course the originals are best but as TM says “check this out!!!”

  6. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Great to see positive feedback and All the Best to DC (forevermore!). Yes I loved the Mk IV versions of Stormbringer – indeed the US live album is easily at the top of my DP Live list along with Live in London. I saw them in Australia and they really ripped into this. ALSO on the Bolin front Jeff Beck had a great version of Stratus but not quite as good as Tommy with the Good Rats from 1974-live. And Billy Cobham continues with variations on Spectrum material … that is good like Jack Bruce and GH who like to re-interpret their great material, this is how I view this work by DC in a positive light.

  7. RB Says:

    My post has vanished, why?

  8. purplesnakePurplesnake Says:

    David Coverdale sings “Stormbringer” the way it should be sung, you know? Many “metal heads” of today mistakenly interpret this classic, screaming like crazy during the whole song, when in fact this song can be more intense and dark if it is sung with a MANs voice, and with the typical “hoarseness” of David Coverdale. I THINK that’s how he understands that this song should be interpreted.
    …And yes, fool is the one who thinks this album was done to overcome the originals. It seems that some people don’t know what a tribute is, and even gratitude.

  9. Les Hedger Says:

    I liked the Stormbringer video too. This might be an interesting album.

  10. Rob Says:

    I completely agree! DC and RB together would have been amazing. I’m still holding out for Glenn popping up as a guest but I’m very happy about this.
    It’s a homage to the originals and done in a respectful way.
    Fair play to you DC.

  11. Ade Dennis Says:

    I’ve seen a snippet of a DC interview in which he says ‘ I thought it would be cool to go out, as it were, the way I came into this music business’. Are we to read between the lines that this could be the final ‘Snake album and Mr Coverdale is intending to hang up his vocal chords in the not too distant future??

  12. Graham Says:

    I agree, I like it too. Initially, I was shocked by the very idea and my gut feeling was to not like it. But actually the modern sound is at least trying something different with the material, which gives a new spin on an old song and an injection of new energy. It’s fun. Far better this than a note-perfect tribute band. Think I’ll be going to my (first ever) Whitesnake gig if or when he tours the UK.

  13. Mike Burnett Says:

    Well, in much the same way as I liked Dream Theater’s Stargazer and some of the stuff on the Re-machined Machine Head, I actually enjoyed this heavier more modern interpretation of Stormbringer.

    It’ll never replace the original in my heart but at least it’s different.
    Too much metal gurning for me on the video so best “watched” with ones eyes closed methinks.

    Having just said goodbye to my beloved Colosseum this week, I’m just thankful that DC is still plugging away…….

  14. Nick Says:

    I really try to be excited about it but after watching this version of Stormbringer, the album seems as inspired as the artwork… I love DC, really, but it looks like another missed opportunity. Why this overcompressed, unlistenable, sound again? There’s thousands of great options to use his incredible voice – the Purple album is obviously not one of those…

  15. Dave Stoddard Says:

    Must admit I like it, i would love to have heard Glenn in there but powerful none the less, nice teaser for the album and keeping my ears open for a tour to support.

  16. Edward Morgan Says:

    They’re all great songs so it’ll be good to hear them again – particularly Comin’ Home, Sail Away & You Fool No One – I don’t expect they’ll be quite as magical as before but that’s okay. A lot of these songs were never played live so there’s only the original version to listen to. I wonder if Dave really means it when he says “I thought it would be cool to go out, as it were, the way I came in to this music business.” – is this the final album? Anyway the deluxe edition will be coming my way – in May!

  17. Moyst Says:

    It’s great, a high octane version for the twenty first century. It’s great that Coverdale is recognising his Purple roots. Would be nice to have Ritchie on stage as a guest at some shows.
    Looking forward to the other tracks now.

  18. Gilles Says:

    Tracks – Disc 1 (CD)
    1. Burn
    2. You Fool No One (Interpolating Itchy Fingers)
    3. Love Child
    4. Sail Away
    5. Gypsy
    6. Lady Double Dealer
    7. Mistreated
    8. Holy Man
    9. Might Just Take Your Life
    10. You Keep On Moving
    11. Soldier Of Fortune
    12. Lay Down Stay Down
    13. Stormbringer
    14. Lady Luck (Bonustrack)
    15. Comin’ Home (Bonustrack)
    Tracks – Disc 2 (DVD)
    1. Lady Double Dealer (Music Video)
    2. Sail Away (Mix Music Video)
    3. Stormbringer (Music Video)
    4. Soldier Of Fortune (Music Video)
    5. Purple Album Behind The Scenes
    6. Purple Album EPK

  19. Paul Cropper Says:

    For Stormbringer I wish they’d done the MkIV live arrangement with the “Commmmmiiiing your waaaaaayyyyyyy” bit at the end with the big build up to finish. Always preferred MkIV’s live version to MkIII’s.

    • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

      Yes a “must-have” for all Purple but especially MkIV fans is the Live at Long Beach album everyone was on top form and the version of Stormbringer is a killer!!!

  20. Scott W. Says:

    Ritchie to do “A Purple Rainbows approach on stage sometime this summer”?!!? Please elaborate!

    • Andrew Butler Says:

      Next rumour. Ian G seems to have time off from the day job until the end of August…

      • simon robinson Says:

        By our reckoning DP seems to average six months on the road each year for the last few years, so not sure we should read anything into this!

  21. staromestska Says:

    No Glenn Hughes in all of this? For my money it was the dual vocals that made the MKIII music so awesome.

  22. Blue ivy Says:

    Just don’t know what to think. Love those albums immensely. Love David too. Surely he wouldn’t let himself down first thing. Any dp re-digging immediately elicits qs like why this or that person wasn’t involved, can newbies bring the heavy sound right?, etc. Maybe we should just stop questioning and embrace it – or not. DP reunions really start sounding as boring as Zep ones. Mk3 w/o Lord is exactly like Zep w/o Bonzo. People lets create good new stuff even if it takes 5 years to do so.

  23. Kevin Staden Says:

    I’m with you Simon. Rather like the new version of Stormbringer. No point in them doing a carbon copy of the original. I always thought the rock (as opposed to the funk) stuff on that album were really good songs but possibly tamed down a bit at the time… not my favourite Purple album! Here’s hoping the rest of the album is to the same standard. Can’t wait!!

  24. Bora Çiftçi (@boraboris) Says:

    SUPERB! “The sad thing is that if you’d put Blackmore into this new album, it would have been properly explosive and we’d all be wetting our trousers today.”

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