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ritchie blackmoreRitchie Blackmore has begun scheduling dates for his Purple Rainbows set (for want of a better name!).  It looks like these will be part of the big summer rock festivals in 2016 and take in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK.  But he has told one reporter that he doesn’t rule out more shows if these go well.
The first date to be announced officially is the Monsters of Rock Festival in Bietigheim, Germany at the Viadukt (the site is right next to an impressive stone viaduct) on June 18th. Tickets will go on sale on the 6th November.  Prognosticators are suggesting Download in the UK and Sweden Rocks may be likely events for the “tour”.
Still at least doing festivals ends any personal inner torment about whether to go or not, I’m certainly not sitting in a muddy field all day being deafened by musicians I have absolutely no interest in for anyone!  The concerts will be filmed so this sounds like a better option.
Names of the other musicians are still on hold, though Ritchie has admitted an older idea was to cut a studio album using a number of different guest singers.  This has been dropped.
Throughout it all Ritchie is clearly at pains to stress this is an adjunct to Blackmore’s Night.  I’m not sure he need worry, they have a dedicated audience and I’m sure they’ll still be there when the rock shows are over.


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19 Responses to “First date”

  1. Rob Says:

    After a terrible day trying to get UK tickets it might cheaper to go to Germany!

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    It’s just fantastic news made my week/s. . . . and good as GH is it seems half-baked what I’ve seen with Doug and the drummer (only) and with all due respect could be far more exciting with RB and DC . . . . and yes Mach 3 would have been a good title but then again – and the evocation of glorious history thinking back to 76 that hand gripping the Rainbow…! I still think Catch the Rainbow and Stargazer and Gates of Babylon (ok being fair one from each of the classic css!) are Tops and best anything from DP – make sure they’re in the set-list please!!!

  3. Les Hedger Says:

    As I live in the States, I hope they record at least one show. Go Ritchie!!

  4. Erik Nosteby Says:

    Where to buy tickets ? Anyone know ?

  5. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    welcome back Ritchie! Truly looking forward to this he is most special indeed. Tell you what a vocalist who incidentally did a marvellous job in the tribute to Dio and also the Moody/Marsden era of Whitesnake tributes – is Jorn Lande! I really recommend the Jorn album Song for Ronnie James a truly fitting tribute indeed. And this guy can sound incredibly like both David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio – so there you go – Mk3 era DP and classic Rainbow eras covered for starters!

  6. Konrad Stief Says:

    Read bits of translation of Japanese Burnnnn! article and one tidbit had “let’s see first” about possible album with new singer.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Konrad is referring to a lengthy interview Ritchie has done with the Japanese metal magazine Burrrn (I forget how many Rs they have in the title) which one of our friends there sent us the gist of.

  7. staromestska Says:

    I really really wish something could have been worked out with Coverdale/Hughes. I think those two guys really could have added a lot of value to an already great event. Coverdale/Hughes are experienced veterans who know Blackmore, would know what to expect with Blackmore and because they can both still sing well (especially Hughes), together they could cover so much range. Hughes has been one of the best at covering for Dio when he sang with Heaven and Hell and Coverdale has a lot of life left.

    Anyway, that’s what I’d like to see.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, in a sane world that’s what would happen.

    • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

      Great suggestion by Starometska! Seconded (thirded?!) by Me!!! Tell you what one of the best Whitesnake tributes was M3 so why not call this Mk3 or is that trespassing…

      • simon robinson Says:

        My suggestion (which I did discuss with Purple’s old manager for a while) was to go out as Mach 3. No copyright issues, but we’d all know what and who it was.

  8. Jim Manngard Says:

    It’s going to be great seeing Ritchie Blackmore perform LIVE again some of the Rainbow and Deep Purple songs! It’s going to be amazing! I’am so looking forward to these events.

  9. Mathias Says:

    Bietigheim is right in front of my doorstep, guess who’s going to go an see this!

    • simon robinson Says:

      That’s very handy Mathias! I guess if he was playing on our doorstep it might make a difference!

      • Demonseye666 Says:

        I’ve got a muddy field on my doorstep Simon, do you think he might come and play that?.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Not sure what the fee would be. I do recall foolishly asking Purple’s UK booker if we could book them for a week and crowdfund whatever their fee was. The only stipulation was to be that whoever helped the crowdfund would get to vote for what they played. Then we’d give the group two days to rehearse (with tickets available) and three finished shows. He didn’t think they’d go for it!

      • Demonseye666 Says:

        Ha! Only 2 days to rehearse 3 shows… Obviously Satriani wasn’t available!? And you’re right, I forgot Blackers might want payment. How about, I’ve got a “Ye Olde Haunted Muddy Field” on my doorstep…

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