It is now confirmed that Deep Purple’s Infinite world tour will be their last. “The Long Goodbye Tour” is how it is being billed.
Eagle eyed fans noticed that flyers for one of the French festivals in June 2017 had the words “Final Tour” underneath Deep Purple’s logo when it was first posted, but that they disappeared from a second flyer.  We decided not to mention it here as there must have been a reason for this. However since then, Spanish site Metal Circus has reported that they contacted the band’s management direct and were told this was indeed the band’s last world tour.  We learned a few weeks back that Ian Gillan envisaged this would be a two year trek on the back of the new album, so it looks like they have planned to plan for the end. On the up side, this might not preclude them getting it together once in a while to not tour, but just play a few specials.
Inevitably with the reflective album title as well, it all makes a lot of practical sense, especially given Ian Paice’s health scare earlier this year. Even so, seeing those words on the flyer inevitably brought a lump to the throat here at DTB towers this morning, a feeling we’ve not had since Jon Lord set out on his farewell tour with the band.
Still, announcing the news does mean that fans can also plan, and dates for the tour are just beginning to emerge and include a number of festivals next summer. We will start to post them on our 2017 Diary page.

This post was updated on Dec 1st once the tour title was known.


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19 Responses to “Finite”

  1. Fernando Guitti Says:

    Por favor, venham para o Rio de Janeiro na última tour. Acompanho a banda desde 1974 quando eu tinha 10 anos e sempre quis ouvir um set list com músicos que foram pouco, ou nunca, tocadas ao vivo como Place in Line, Rat Bat Blue, Never Before, Flight of Rat e muitas da era Morse e Don como House of Pain, Sua goês Down, Almost Human, Hey Cisco, Ted the Mechanic entre outras

  2. Alec W Says:

    Here’s hoping the band makes it back to New Zealand one last time. I’ve been at every DP gig here since forever, and every one has been brilliant (despite the TERRIBLE venue last time)

  3. IanG Says:

    I’ve just had an email informing me that “The Long Goodbye” tour arrives in Glasgow on 22nd November 2017, tickets on sale tomorrow. Also Blackmore/Raibow are in Glasgow on 25th June 2017! Tickets on sale now.

  4. Leslie Hedger Says:

    They’ve been my favorite band since 1973. It had to end sometime unfortunately. Every line up had something to offer (even the JLT one). To me, MKII is the greatest rock band of all time (sorry Beatles, Stones, and Zeppelin fans). MKI were a close second, those albums have stood the test of time. The band owes you and Ann a lot of thanks (as do we) for all you have done over the years! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to You, Ann and all the DP fans.

  5. Andrew Sutherland Says:

    Long goodbye…? Seems pretty short and not very sweet to me. I clicked with some excitement on the link, thinking it would be great to see them one last time. 5 shows (in arenas!). Nothing on the south coast as usual. Oh well.
    The first time I saw them was at Bournemouth Winter Gardens in 1972… (my first ever gig and just … wow!). Looks like the last memories of seeing DP live are going to stay with those from the Portsmouth Guildhall on Jon’s last tour in 2002 (another amazing and emotional gig, and yes, Simon, I too have a lump in my throat as I write this).
    Still, there is always the inevitable CD/DVD to look forward to!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I guess it would be hard for them to do an all bases UK tour these days, but a couple of the traditional venues to end with would have been nice; Jon’s farewell shows (and we were at Portsmouth too!) were pitched perfectly.

  6. Daniel Miller Says:

    I completely agree with Raj’s comments. I bumped into Ian at Faro airport at the end of October. I looked up and he was sat right in front of me – I couldn’t believe my luck. We spoke a little and I told him that I had been at Knebworth and Jon’s memorial concert and many venues in between and how his music had been such a source of joy in my life. My parting comment was, “good luck with the new album and the tour; whenever you play, I’ll be there.” and that’s the simple truth really – I’m always looking forward to my next Deep Purple concert and it’s hard to imagine that it will soon come to and end.

  7. Leftin Says:

    A world without Purple is almost unthinkable, but look at The Scorpions – their “farewell” tour has been going since 2013. I think a graceful bowing-out is the best idea for Ian Paice’s health – that’s more important than the band itself.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I agree, these band’s which drag out farewells forever tend to drag themselves down with it. Go out on a high!

  8. John Fowler Says:

    I only hope that if they tour Australia it’ll be at a decent venue. Last time I saw them it was at Festival Hall in Melbourne, which is an absolute shit hole.
    Lots of fond DP memories too with still a soft spot for Mk I. Taliesyn was the first lp of theirs I bought & one of the first lps I ever bought.

  9. Kosh Says:

    I think the time is right. The memories are ‘hewn in rock’, the back catalogue full of highs and so on. I still remember hearing In Rock for the first time, some 25 years after its release, and being utterly blown away. I still maintain the band are not quite the same without Jon and Ritchie, but I’m glad they’ve kept the name going for so long and with such respect for the true legacy.

    For me Deep Purple will always be the best band to have walked the face of the Earth – and I’m sure the time of the bands rise will be remembered as a musical renaissance by future generations.

    I would love to see the ‘last stand before tour…’ but I doubt they’ll play close enough to home. That said I’d travel to Neptune to see Ritchie play just a few licks with the rest of the remaining MKII line-up… before it’s too late.


    Slaves and Masters indeed.

    • simon robinson Says:

      One story which I cannot yet confirm is that they will sign off with a couple of shows in London in 2018. Can you imagine the scramble for those tickets? I bet the touts are writing the software as we speak.

  10. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    I’d like to suggest the inevitable CD/DVD of the tour shall be named Perfect Sense.

  11. Raj Kohli Says:

    I guess it had to come at some point. Having followed Purple since I was 14 years old I have many book markmemories – the reunion announcement on the Tommy Vance show, the release of Perfect Strangers, buying tickets to Knebworth from my local record shop (despite being 56 pence short), buying every single live bootleg cassette going, seeing Purple at Knebworth, Edinburgh, London x 5, the return of Ian G and then the departure of Ritchie, the release of Purpendicular. All exciting times in my life and memories I will cherish. Despite Ian’s rapidly deteriorating voice I would still go and watch them although it saddens me to listen to the most recent live tapes and hear how Ian really does struggle.

    The beginning of the end but Infinite memories for this Child in Time.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Nicely put Raj, and memories we certainly share (cannot recall how we got our Knebworth tickets, I know they had agents all over the UK for the event back then). We thought IG did pretty well at the Montreux show earlier this year, and would go again if we can raise enough 56ps!

    • Raj Kohli Says:

      IG will always be my favourite member of Purple which makes his voice issues all the more painful. Instrumentally the band is as powerful as ever though although it was heartbreaking to see footage of Ritchie during the most recent Rainbow concerts – a real shadow of the genius.

      Of course my bookend memories have to include the first issue of DTB arriving in the post in 1983 or thereabouts. What you and Anne have done over the years is simply remarkable and for me you, Anne and DTB form part of the folk lore. Can we get Pete Frame to somehow include you guys?

      In all seriousness though thank you for being part of more than two thirds of my life.

      Ps Will a postal cheque for 56p be acceptable?

      • simon robinson Says:

        You know how to bring a tear to the eye don’t you?
        I did get a name check off Pete Frame in one of his Family Trees, and that was a real red letter day.

  12. jean-paul marquis (@MesziguesJean) Says:

    I hope to see DP another time in Montreux……

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