Pack shots

Here’s the big box then; it turns out the three ten inch singles are bits and bobs from Now What era live shows. Otherwise it’s the LP and CD, and the DVD. Everything else is memorabilia; poster, sticker, prints and a shirt.  The little box is the CD, DVD and shirt.  Size is L by the way, in case that’s a deal breaker!

Deep Purple Infinite box set


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14 Responses to “Pack shots”

  1. Mike Whiteley Says:

    Hi there,Simon.
    This begs the question…….Have you heard the new album ??
    Are you sworn to secrecy ??

    • simon robinson Says:

      You are joking! I’m the last person they’d send a promo to, and we will be up at our indie record store to buy it on release day.

      • Mike Whiteley Says:

        I truly thought that there might be a CD amidst all that packaging. My mistake.
        Record stores have died in Canada,HMV is the latest casualty.
        It’s doubtful that any of the handful of indie shops here in Toronto will have the new album,so,I’ll order online.
        I won’t have it on release day,but,so be it.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I think I can just about see one Mike!

  2. james Spackman Says:

    Looks nice , but nothing new apart from the LP recording wise.

  3. Gerd Hanke Says:

    aha … – t-shirt size L … is there anyone out there who don’t need XXL, XXXL or even 4XL (as I do?) – anyway, I have pre-ordered the big box from a while ago. They are already sold out for quite a while and even don’t list any Infinite box sets at the moment.

    btw: the first single from the album “Time for Bedlam” is only available on CD, isn’t it? Or has anybody seen (or heard about) a vinyl version?

  4. Lee Worrall Says:

    Thanks Simon.

    How are you and Ann?


  5. SF Says:

    The b——s from the label again released exclusive stuff on vinyl only, like Above And Beyond B-side and Out Of Hand B-sides…
    And I’m still compelled to buy it! I’ll continue to pester them for CD release, or WAV files, eventually they will give up and issue them just to stop me contacting them!

    • SF Says:

      And I bet they will release a Tour edition few months from now with bonus CD with the Live Tapes, a they did before, or a special CD for Japan only…

      • simon robinson Says:

        Yes, once bitten twice shy I’m afraid. I guess the Japanese will be getting something extra but don’t know what.

    • simon robinson Says:

      They’ll probably end up as bonus CD tracks somewhere like Japan…

      • SF Says:

        Japan is most likely, since the Vol 1 of live tapes was released in Europe on Vinyl and in Japan as standalone CD, the CD in Europe was released in Gold Edition and in the Box. I guess I will have to buy second edition when it comes out.

        So now the B-sides not yet released on CD are:
        1. Space Trucking [Live 24.07.2013 in Majano, Italy] from Above and Beyond [Ear Music – 0208943ERE]
        2. Après Vous [Instrumental Version] from Out of Hand [Ear Music – 0210271ERE]
        3. Hell to Pay [Instrumental Version] from Out of Hand [Ear Music – 0210271ERE]

        I have both vinyl singles.

        Though the latter two were released as compressed lossy content for iTunes Gold Edition, but not available for standalone purchase…

        And since when the “b”-word is not welcome? I do not like censorship and I especially chose a rather mild invective, but that’s not the most vital part of my point.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I prefer to save the B word for people who really deserve it (mostly our politicians these days!).

      • SF Says:

        Oh, I’d go a step further and use the C word for them.
        I’ve just checked the prices on the official distro of the label in my country, the CD singles are around 5€, vinyl single 7€, large box-set 49,25€, considering the exchange rate of 1:4 between € and my currency. Rather reasonable.

        The tracklist for All I Got Is You CD and vinyl are the same. I didn’t get Hell and Vincent, I only got Above, because it had an exclusive B-side, so I guess I will pass on this vinyl as well.

        Hell, I’ll go to the record store today and ask if the boss can get them, he has connections to the distributor.

        Every time I want to buy some semi-pro recording equipment a band releases an album…

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