Eighty minutes max.

Deep Purple‘s current American tour set list seems to have settled down. It’s always hard to rely 100% on initial reports as not everyone is familiar with the newer titles Stateside (one had them playing three Infinite tracks!) but the following seems to be what they’re doing:

Highway Star / Pictures of Home / Bloodsucker / Strange Kind of Woman / Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (not played on the first night but added thereafter) / Uncommon Man / Lazy / Knocking at Your Back Door / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Smoke on the Water. Hush (encore)

So five tracks off Machine Head and nothing off the current album. But this is what happened on their last U.S. trip, as they could feel the atmosphere dropped when they tried new stuff, so we should not be too surprised. European fans can feel a bit smug but it’s a bit of a shame for dedicated fans who do know the new stuff, maybe they ought to do a couple of advertised solo shows for them with the new material? The Deep Purple set is around 80 minutes, with support Judas Priest doing around 75 mins. There is an opening band, Temperance Movement. Dates are on our gig diary. Thanks to Tim Summers and others. Do let us know if you spot any changes. SR.


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10 Responses to “Eighty minutes max.”

  1. Leftin Says:

    I don’t get this idea that the atmosphere “drops”. These Mk 2 set-lists can’t be fulfilling for Deep Purple, a progressive band. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming is a great inclusion, but why was it dropped in the first place? Ditto Mechanical Ted. I know this moan is getting as hackneyed as the set-list it’s complaining about, but don’t you get just a little irked that Robert Plant could play zero Zeppelin songs in concert, whereas DP seem to be stuck with “crowd-pleasers”. Those quotes are deliberate. Who says anyone would walk out or stand still and shout for Smoke on the Highway if the guys opened with Watching the Sky, peaked with Hip Boots, and dug into the past for Gypsy’s Kiss? I’m betting they could do that with no trouble.

  2. Augusto Says:

    My god, “Lazy” Setlist again……

  3. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Virtually no Morse original content in these tracks at all. To me DP was always far more than Machine Head and the dreaded Smoke. I don’t know why – overexposure perhaps. Meanwhile I am far more enjoying Nick Simper’s release on the Mk 1 Songbook – some great tracks in there none of which feature presently of course sadly.

  4. Martin Paretti Says:

    Yep. We Purple fans here in the States always get the watered down, double billed, greatest hits set. Flew to London for the 11/23/17 O2 show. Light years beyond what we’ve seen in the States the last few years. Looking forward to missing The Surprising…! :(

  5. philip Says:

    Same set they did in Montreal 0n August 29th. It was a good double bill. Purple played very well, they star of the night was….Ian Paice.

  6. Yves Chalifoux Says:

    The co-headlining concept chosen for the American Tour have obviously it’s limitation. Choices on the set list have to be made regarding the time allowed to each band. Maximum impact on the fans have to be made here.
    That perhaps explain the choice to go along with the Machine Head album (best selling album by DP).
    As you’ve said, Simon, given the fact that the newer stuff didn’t seem to brought such an enthusiasm they’ve just didn’t took any chances.

  7. Eamonn McGrath Says:

    Great article, Glad I saw them in London as the new(er) songs are fantastic and slot into the set so well. I’d urge our US brothers to check out the Temperance Movement as they are a great British blues rock band in the vein of The Faces.

  8. Jason Says:

    When are they coming to Australia Simon.

  9. David Ridley Says:

    Yes its a shame. I made the trip to Montreux and the new stuff really well received

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