Gillan • Future Shock – vinyl ltd ed.


Ltd Ed vinyl re-release : August 2012
Future Shock double vinyl hardback book limited edition reissue 2012
We’ve already mentioned this in a DTB update, but having just seen a sample of the new Gillan / Future Shock limited edition vinyl, thought I should let people know how stunning it looks. I must admit we were a bit sceptical about the idea when it was first announced, but having taken the protective tissue paper off the matt /gloss cover, the end result does look amazing. The whole release is done like a 12″ hardback book, with all the lyrics, images, photos and art from the original. The albums themselves are housed in black holders within the book, each in a special bag with sleeve notes detailing the story of the album. The sound is great too, the discs being pressed at 45 rpm for extra clarity. The vinyl has been mastered off original quarter inch production tapes (I know this for certain as they had to borrow side two from our archive!). The manufacturers have really worked hard on this and it does put some other vinyl pressings in the shade. This edition is limited to just 1,000 copies and we would suggest any vinyl collectors grab it quick. It is also available as a regular gatefold edition though I suspect most fans will still have their original…

Available now at the DTBOnline store

3 Responses to “Gillan • Future Shock – vinyl ltd ed.”

  1. Elwood Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Jim C! From Gillan/Gillan until Magic they were one of the most unique and inspired bands of any decade, who just happened to have the greatest rock voice of them all out front! ‘Future Shock’ was the most commercially affable effort of the Tormé driven band, and deserved to be held much higher in the critical stakes then and most certainly now! However, the blinkers still appear to be on amongst the cognescenti. What a phenomenal result on this reissue, as the cds have left an awful lot to be desired! Well done to whoever is responsible for this, may they continue through the Gillan catalogue? ‘What — no party!”

    • simon robinson Says:

      They’re preparing Double Trouble right now. I know they’ve gone back to source tapes because I loaned them the vinyl production master for Future Shock. For Double Trouble they’re adding some extra pages with photos and memorabilia from the DTB archives.

  2. Jim C. Says:

    The original was (and still is) the nicest packaged of any DP related release, ever. Virgin certainly seemed behind the band 100%. Why they couldn’t get a distribution deal in the US back then still baffles me. Miles above the other spin-off bands musically and by far the most consistent in the studio from 78-82, it’s unbelievable they are still virtually unknown in North America.

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