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November 25, 2014

Blackmores NightReissued as an expanded 2CD set, and in a new cover, Winter Carols from BLACKMORE’S NIGHT now  has a second disc containing five live festive tracks recorded at Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night’s Minstrel Hall, alongside no less than FIVE versions of ‘Christmas Eve’, including an MP4 video of the English radio edit, a radio edit, a German language edit, a mixed German / English edit and the regular version.  It is out early December.  Thanks to Cadiz for the info.

It is available through the Darker Than Blue Online Store

Other recent postings relating to Blackmore :  Rainbow reunion stories /  Cozy Powell remembered

1974 in focus

November 19, 2014

These days the anniversaries seem to be coming thick and fast; I just had a journalist enquiring about photographs I took at the Butterfly Ball show as he was planning a 40th anniversary feature on the album…  could it really be that long ago?

Deep Purple UK tour 1974

But interesting as that album was, perhaps for many the event we should be looking back on was the UK debut 40 years ago of Deep Purple Mk 3, on a massive and what proved to be very exciting UK tour.  I was reminded of this thanks to this great photograph taken from up in the gods looking down on the group rocking out in front of a clearly appreciative crowd.  It was taken by photographer Barry Plummer and I’ve been helping him sort through his images for a series of books.  He worked for The Melody Maker and as such was often sent out to cover the band, the first time being in 1971, photographing both live shows and the musicians off-stage during interviews.  The paper would use one or two photos, and Barry just filed the rest of his negatives away.  Anyhow, one of the books is devoted just to Deep Purple and we’ll have more on the book (which is due in early 2015) soon but I got permission from the publishers to reproduce this shot.  For anyone who caught this tour (I was lucky enough to see two shows) it will really bring the gigs into focus.  It’s also fascinating just to look at the little bits of detail – the roll of gaffer tape on one of the amps, the support band’s drum kit shoved behind the back-line, Jon’s effects unit taped to the top of his Hammond, Ritchie’s Revox, Ron Quinton holding on to the Marshall stack, the left-handed Strat, and so on. I’m back there blissed out on the blues solo once more!

The book is one of a series from Barry’s archives coming out on ST33 books (the others feature more big names from the era), you can read a bit more on their site.  We’ll be getting more details soon and discounts for Darker Than Blue readers are on the cards.

Re-Live Rock n Roll?

November 7, 2014

The silly season for news is well and truly over (and let’s face it how can anyone top the Daily Mail story that “loom bands cause cancer”?). But things move a little more slowly in DTB land, so we might as well bring you this year’s Rainbow 2 Reform story.
As best we can figure things out, Ritchie Blackmore has had itchy Stratocaster fingers for a while now. He first sounded out members of the current Deep Purple over a year ago, suggesting a last get together for a few mega Mk 2 shows. Agreement was difficult to reach, not least because of how on earth could DP carry on after doing that?
So it was on to Mr. Coverdale, the idea of working together again with a nod to Mk 3 days gaining some momentum before also coming off the rails when Coverdale decided he’d rather do other things.
From there we move on to widely reported comments from Joe Lynn Turner in a recent interview given to a Greek rock journalist, which sounded fairly optimistic on his part.

“Well, I’m gonna be honest with you, right now. Yes! Possibly. It’s very possible. Last year, I wouldn’t say it. But this year I say it. It’s possible. It’s a very big possibility that something might, just might, happen. I heard talk and all I can say is that I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I’m talking to you now, and all I want you to say is yes. It’s a very big possibility that we may have a reunion. It will be phenomenal.”

And while some who have seen the story are determined to resist I’m willing to bet a lot of us would weaken. You can read the full interview and story on the Rock Overdose website:

A diver investigating the remains of the rainbow lighting rig yesterday.

A diver investigating the remains of the rainbow lighting rig yesterday.

Czech dates

November 5, 2014

Two dates announced for the Czech Republic:

2015-10-27 Ostrava, Czech Republic
2015-10-28 Plzeň, Czech Republic

Thanks to Lutz Reinert again.  And to the fan who suggested it would be cheaper to get a ticket for one of the Europe shows and fly out on a budget airline rather than travel to London and stay over, you’re probably right.  Sadly.  We did the maths and with tickets, petrol, cheap accommodation (wouldn’t feel safe driving back after the show), something to eat, we’d be looking at £300 to do London…

All known Deep Purple dates so far on the 2015 list.


Remembering Cozy

November 3, 2014

Cozy PowellFans of Cozy Powell are gathering support for the Cirencester Town Council to find a way to mark the fact that the drummer was born and raised in the city, and to mark his life and work.  To this end they have a petition set up which has already persuaded the council to look into the idea.  It already has some famous signatories but all help is welcome. It has been organised by an Italian fan, Rossella Amadori

If you want to lend your support, the petition is being organised on the link below.

Deep Purple UK Tour 2015

October 29, 2014

December 3rd 2015. O2 Arena, London.  Tickets now on sale. £59.15 inc booking fees.

We also now have the October / November / December 2015 European tour list on the site at the 2015 gig list page.  Thanks to Lutz Reinert for the extra information (and detective work!).


October 24, 2014

Some great shots of the current band in action in Montreux last year in a little gallery on the site… courtesy of Ueli Frey.  He turned up for the show with a book of his earlier images, and Bruce liked the stuff so much he gave him an all areas pass to snap the entire show.  I particularly like this shot of Roger, with a creative use of the mono background.


It’s a date

October 23, 2014

Another November 2015 date for Deep Purple, this time in Paris immediately after the Italian shows.  It’s at the Zenith, great venue – proof you can do modern halls and still let the crowd all feel part of the action!  See the date list on the site (and do let us know if you hear of any more).  Tickets already on sale for this one.


October 21, 2014

air-conditioner-shirt-graphicSomebody was asking about that Fireball “whoosh” recently so I dug out the feature from the Darker Than Blue archives and tweaked it for the site.  It did not come from the BBC Sound Effects album after all.  So if you really didn’t know about the West Uzbekistan Percussion Ensemble now is your chance!  You can even buy the t-shirt and support this pioneering drum outfit…

Celebrating Jon Lord

October 13, 2014

Jon Lord boxDetails of the various formats of this release from the April 2014 concert under our review heading; five editions including a limited edition box set with goodies (see left). But don’t ask me what size the shirt is!  Shipping now from DTB Online store.


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